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Who will get the Group of Death?

Alex Chick

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Champions League group stage draw is as much a part of the competition's drama
as any of the match days.

It might
be easy to mock the suited UEFA bureaucrats bumbling their way through
technical regulations, but the draw itself is a glorious combination of
tension and excitement.

year, some famous names have been (re-)introduced into the mix, and lurk
menacingly in the lower reaches of the draw - Manchester City in Pot 3, Borussia
Dortmund and Napoli in Pot 4.

To help
you work out who you would like your team to be drawn with, I have given European rankings based on UEFA's five-year coefficient, plus an entirely arbitrary mark out of 10.

It looks
like the ultimate Group of Death would comprise: Barcelona, AC Milan,
Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund.

And the
'Group of Life' might be: Porto, Villarreal, BATE Borisov, Otelul Galati.

The draw
is fairly simple - one team from every pot goes into each group. Teams
from the same country cannot play in the same group.

And there may well be some
jiggery pokery to ensure teams from the same country/area play on different
nights for TV reasons...

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