Arsene Wenger

  • Why I’ve been disappointed with Brazil

    The quality at the World Cup has been very good, much better than the quality of four years ago. The teams we expected to go through basically went through.


    I have two regrets - for me one is that the South Americans who were the dominant teams in the group stage had to play too much against each other. I especially would like to congratulate Chile. I think they were the best team of this tournament until they played against Brazil. And they were very unlucky to go out.

    I'm disappointed I think up to now with the collective performance of Brazil. You

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  • Brazil’s success depends on full-backs

    My first impression of the World Cup has been very positive. I have been surprised by the quality of the games and by how sharp everybody has started, with the games played at a ferocious pace.

    Brazil's chances are linked to the quality of their full-backs. Before Cafu and Roberto Carlos they had Jorginho and Leonardo; while today they have Dani Alves and Marcelo.

    For Brazil their historical success has been linked to the ‘efficiency’ of those full backs. Alves and Marcelo have a big responsibility to contribute to Brazil’s success going forward.

    However, the team that have impressed me most

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  • My group-by-group World Cup preview

    With less than two weeks to go before the start of the World Cup, Arsene Wenger casts his expert eye over each of the groups...

    - - -


    Group A will be more complicated than it seems, because it’s never easy with Croatia. You can add that to that the fact that it’s an opening game for Brazil. Remember 1998: for the opening match against South Africa, France had a huge pressure and the team was quite apathetic. It’s very difficult to manage at home.


    Then, with Cameroon, you never really know what to expect.

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  • Why all the pressure is on Real Madrid in Lisbon

    It’s quite amazing for two teams from the same town to be playing each other in the final of the Champions League. It’s unique! It means that half the city will be will be happy, and half of it will be sad at the end of the match.

    But we football lovers, we only wish that we will see a nice match. All the ingredients are here. One team is more compact, relies more on defence, and the other team is more skilled, twirling and fast. But, ultimately, both are counter-attacking teams, and the first goal will set the tone for the rest of the final.

    It’s a nice clash of styles. Diego Simeone’s team

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  • My future does not hinge on FA Cup final result

    The result of Saturday's FA Cup final will have no influence on my future at Arsenal. When I've been part of a club for 18 years, it would be a bit ridiculous to base my decision on one single match, don’t you think?

    Will I be the manager next season? Yes, normally. It’s not completely finalised yet, but it should happen. But it’s true that I am very proud of the team’s attitude, because they have been through very tough moments. And they have always answered scrutiny with positive thinking.

    Winning the FA Cup is our main goal now. Each year, Champions League qualification is the minimal

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  • Why Benfica are favourites to take Europa League glory

    Benfica’s presence in the Europa League final is not a surprise. This team have now accumulated a lot of experience of big matches. They confirmed their status in Portugal by winning the championship and the cup. For me, they are the favourites.


    It is advantage Benfica. But European finals are like national finals, so anything can happen. But if I had to bet, I’d bet on Benfica.

    Benfica earn merit for their consistency. Step by step, they are being rewarded for the quality of their work.

    Still, we saw that the Europa League was a second cup for teams eliminated

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  • First of all, Cesc Fabregas is a huge personality. Secondly, he is an extremely intelligent player. And I’d also say that he is a sweet person, but, on the field, he sees everything before anyone.

    The greatest strength of Fabregas is his vision. He sees. The players who see are the ones making your team win and he sees before the others. It’s a telescopic head on a football field.

    I think it would be interesting to film his head during a match once. He is always looking around him to see what’s going on. When he gets the ball, he has already seen everything that was going on around.

    He has a

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  • Bayern Munich's players celebrate after their Bundesliga match against Hertha Berlin in Berlin March 25, 2014. Bayern Munich clinched the Bundesliga title in record time after easing past Hertha Berlin 3-1 on Tuesday with seven games left in the campaign. Last season's treble winners secured their 23rd Bundesliga crown since its 1963 creation with a record 10th straight away victory, stretching their winning streak to a staggering 19 consecutive games and their unbeaten run to 52 league matches.

    Manchester United drew with them in the Champions League, but Bayern Munich are far ahead of the

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  • Hazard the big danger man for counter-attacking Chelsea

    This is the match everybody is talking about in France although there has not been as much hype about it here in England.

    Thinking about the clash, I wouldn’t say that either side is favourite.

    Chelsea have a lot of experience with some of their players having played, and won, the final of the Champions League. Guys like Terry, Cech or Eto’o ... there is a lot of experience there.

    But their young players are extremely talented too. Hazard, Oscar, Schuerrle and Willian are all dangerous and very fast.

    This team is built on a strong defence and counter attacks. Paris will have to decide whether

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  • Real still hold edge over Dortmund despite recent slump

    Dortmund may have knocked out Real Madrid last season but don't expect the same thing to happen this time.

    In football, you can play against the same team every day and you will never see the same match twice.

    When I looked at the draw initially I thought it would be pretty comfortable for Real because Dortmund were struggling and had a lot of injured players while Real hadn't lost in 30 games.

    Then everything changed in a week. Dortmund look steady again while Real lost two times in three days. The psychological context has changed and the tie looks more balanced. I would still put Madrid as

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