Arsene Wenger

  • Manchester City

    Arsene Wenger shares his views on the Champions League matches this week that don't involve his Arsenal side.

    Manchester City v Barcelona

    This is the confrontation we've all been waiting for. Because Manchester City are currently in great shape, and everybody always respects Barcelona a lot.

    But nowadays in Europe, people are a wondering how strong Barcelona really are. If you’d ask me truthfully if they're still dominating Europe as they did for some years, I’d say no. But can they still win the Champions League? I’d say yes.

    They still have exceptional and extraordinary technical skill. But

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  • Manchester City have narrow advantage over Chelsea

    I would give a small advantage to Manchester City for Monday’s game against Chelsea, because they will play at home and have been almost unbeatable there since the beginning of the season.

    And it’s going to be a great tactical battle: Jose Mourinho will try to defend extremely well, and counter-attack. And Manchester City will try to put Chelsea’s defence under pressure and score goal after goal.

    It’s going to be a game that everybody will want to see. I believe that there is a small psychological advantage for Manchester City right now: they had a convincing win against Tottenham and Chelsea

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  • Arsenal can win the league, but we must beat Crystal Palace

    We only have one thing in mind at Arsenal, and it’s to be number one again. However, Manchester City have been quite amazing for the last nine, 10 matches, but we have 53 points from 23 games and we have to keep moving forward, focusing on our performances.

    If we manage to maintain our stability in results, as we have done for some time, we will be on top again. So we must keep calm, focus on our performances, and move forward. And then, let’s hope that the others will stumble at some point.

    Our success this year is down to our stability throughout the team, and also due to adding a big

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  • Doubts over Germany and Spain, but England are dark horses

    Ahead of Friday's World Cup finals draw in Bahia, Arsene Wenger profiles some of the traditional powers from Europe and South America. This is not intended to be a definitive list of all the possible winners.


    They seem a little less alert. Why? Because we hear less about Barcelona. At the moment, Barcelona don’t feel like they have the thirst, the will to win everything as they used to. But we will certainly hear again about Barcelona in the spring, they will be here again. Most certainly Spain are based on a real collective strength; meaning that 70 or 80% of their team play for

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  • If Argentina win it, Messi will be the best ever

    People say Lionel Messi is not at the top of his game, but Barcelona won La Liga in a very convincing way last season, with over 100 goals.

    People judge on the moment but his last season was truly amazing. He has the opportunity to be the best of all time.

    Argentina still doesn’t know it but Lionel Messi can give a big win to his country.

    If he achieves it during the Brazil World Cup he will be the best player ever.

    But it won’t be easy: Argentina have many great forwards, but defensively they are not great. Their defence has not been very convincing, especially in South Africa in 2010 and

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  • We need to be wary of wounded Marseille

    Tuesday's Champions League match with Marseille might be a decisive game for us. We can’t miss out.

    I am wary because Marseille have been going through a pretty bad period but now they seem to be coming out of the woods a bit.

    They played well against Napoli so we mustn’t be slack here. Just because they are already out doesn’t mean we don’t need to be careful. Anything else would be a big, big mistake.

    We won 2-1 against Marseille but on the day they did not deserve to lose, I must say – I really do admit that.

    We only had two chances in the entire game and they had plenty of them. They just

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  • Ronaldo’s Portugal have edge over Ibrahimovic’s Sweden

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be compared with each other when Portugal play Sweden in the first leg of their World Cup play-off on Friday. But first I'd compare the two teams and I think that Portugal are the stronger side.

    Their team is more complete, maybe also with more creativity, and, on the whole, I would say that they are the favourites.

    I don't have a preference regarding the two players. My only preference is football - that the team who deserves it the most wins. But it’s true that a World Cup without Ibrahimovic or Ronaldo will have something missing.

    France will be

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  • We must channel Munich spirit to beat Dortmund away

    As Borussia Dortmund won here, they are the favourites at home on Wednesday as well.

    But I think that we can do what we did last year against Bayern: we lost at home, but at the end it was only a question of away goals over two legs.

    So it is necessary for us to win away. I’d say that Dortmund are the favourites, but we will go there wanting to impose ourselves.

    We will have to work on our recovery speed, and not let them counter-attack when we impose our tempo. We will have to be well organised when we attack in order to stop them from counter-attacking.

    They are very dangerous in

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  • Juventus showed in the last round of Champions League matches they can match Real Madrid despite losing 2-1. Tuesday's game will be even more difficult for the Spanish side.

    Juventus played for quite a long time with 10 men after Giorgio Chiellini was sent off. But even at 10 against 11 it seemed like they could come back.

    The Bianconceri made a very good impression and Paul Pogba was very impressive.

    For the return fixture, I give a small advantage to Juventus, as they play at home. If they win a little bit more of the duels, if they press Real, I think they have a chance.

    In the other

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  • Ibrahimovic might just be the best player in the world

    People are always looking for absolute judgements in football. We can presently say that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a great striker. Is he better than Ronaldo or Messi? Today, maybe.

    We must acknowledge that he is a great striker above all. Comparisons are always hard to make. It is really hard to measure who is the best or not.

    Ibrahimovic continues to amaze me because, even if he can sometimes give the impression of being a little out of it, I think he has passed a psychological step, as he is more there for his team-mates now.

    For quite a long time, he was both extremely talented and always

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