Arsene Wenger

  • Risk-taker Guardiola has improved Bayern

    We can already see Pep Guardiola’s influence on this Bayern Munich team, but let’s not forget they won the treble last year. This team was already on top of Europe.

    Guardiola has added something because they take more risks when attacking. They win the ball higher up the pitch and pass it even more than when Jupp Heynckes was there.

    Still, they were already impressive last season and they have kept the two players who have been making the difference: Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery.

    Against Manchester City they really impressed me. I couldn’t tell you if Bayern were so strong because Manchester

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  • We are in it to win it but don’t forget Barcelona

    Mesut Ozil celebrates his goal for Arsenal against Napoli (Reuters)Mesut Ozil celebrates his goal for Arsenal against Napoli (Reuters)

    Tuesday night's game against Borussia Dortmund is a real challenge for us in the Champions League. There are big consequences as if we beat Dortmund at home we will have a great chance to qualify so the game is very important.

    We always take the Champions League very seriously – it is always our goal to win it.

    I think the competition is quite different from when it started quite some time ago. When I first played in Champions League, two, maybe three teams could dream about winning it.

    Nowadays, at the beginning of each season, 10 teams can dream about being the champion.

    So, saying today,

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  • Flamini deserves a recall for France

    I think Mathieu Flamini can earn a recall to the French national side. It might too soon to call him up immediately, but I would have thought that Didier Deschamps would call on him at some point.

    He is very focused, he is experienced and he has recovered physically. He is a winner, so I think he has a chance. Deschamps had his players in mind this time, so why not another time? He has performed well lately.

    As for whether Olivier Giroud and Karim Benzema can play together … they can, yes. But up until now, their partnership hasn’t worked so they must find another way.

    It’s always hard. But

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  • Atletico one of 10 potential Champions League winners

    In the past, during the first years of the Champions League, as coaches we only expected three or four teams to potentially win. Now at least 10 teams can dream about victory in the main competition.

    Now, in October, it is literally impossible to say who is going to be the successors to Bayern.

    It was an impressive victory for Bayern against Manchester City. That game in particular I watched and studied and for me, Bayern are already the favourites in this competition.

    All other teams have got one goal: and that is to beat them and deny them. They are a team that can go on and win again.

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  • Bayern Munich muscle too strong for Dortmund

    Bayern Munich train at Wembley

    If we analyse rationally, Bayern Munich are Champions League favourites.

    First of all, experience weighs in their favour because they have reached three of the last four Champions League finals.

    Secondly, they have the edge because they have reached a point of maturity both technically and tactically.

    You need players who are 28 or 29 for that. Bastian Schweinsteiger (28) is their natural leader, while Franck Ribery (30), Arjen Robben (29) and Philipp Lahm (29) also play significant roles in the team.

    They have already set the standard in European football - not just with the 7-0 win against

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  • Brilliant Bayern have no real weaknesses

    Bayern are known for their collective work, which is very important.

    It begins defensively. Then they move play very quickly, down either flank. You have Thomas Mueller, Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben.

    You can't forget what Philipp Lahm brings to the game as well with his vision, the quality of his runs.

    His wonderful collective action against Barcelona shows how Bayern recuperate, they win the ball and turn defence into attack so quickly - the transition is stunning.

    They are a really, really balanced team. They don't have a real weak point.

    There are some weaker points, but you can't really

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  • Chelsea are the logical favourites in the Europa League final, but Benfica have great players.

    I saw their two matches against Newcastle - they have an excellent defence and a lot of quality in attack, such as through Nicolas Gaitan and Oscar Cardozo.

    Cardozo is a less creative player but has a great physical impact on opposing defences. He's never 'out' of a match and always plays with the will to physically 'kill' his opponent - the first little mistake made by the opposing defence and he will benefit from it.

    Gaitan is superb individually and as a team-mate, able to score goals and pass

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  • I think Chelsea currently have a great coach in Rafa Benitez, but if they part ways at the end of season, of course Jose Mourinho would be a good solution for Chelsea.

    Mourinho is one of the best in the world. But I consider Benitez to be doing a good job at Stamford Bridge.

    Honestly, I'm not really well informed about the possibility of Mourinho returning to Chelsea. Usually, I'm not a big fan of these kind of rumours, but that's what we get used to reading in the newspapers.

    I'm afraid of what Chelsea can do in the summer. We have to be prepared for them to be one of the biggest movers in

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  • Wenger: Basel have talent to upset Chelsea

    Ahead of another busy weekend of European action, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger gives his expert view on the semi-finals of the Champions League and Europa League.

    Wenger tells us that he believes Barcelona should not be written off against Bayern Munich despite a below-par European campaign.

    He also things that the other semi-final between Dortmund and Real Madrid is a real 50-50 clash that could go either way.

    In the Europa League, Wenger says that says people assuming Chelsea will cruise past Basel to reach the Europa League final may need to look again.

    And finally, he tells us he'll be

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  • Barcelona have lost something and PSG can profit

    If Celtic and AC Milan both beat Barcelona, that means it is possible for Paris Saint-Germain. They should draw inspiration from this because Barcelona are not unbeatable.

    Arsenal have played three times against Barcelona over the last seven or eight years. I think that they still have the best technical skills, but they have lost something.

    They are more vulnerable in defence and I know PSG have the offensive ability to take advantage of this little vulnerability that Barca haven't had in previous seasons.

    If you stop Lionel Messi do you stop Barcelona? Probably, because he is involved in

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