Arsene Wenger

  • Dortmund the most dangerous side

    It is a difficult group because in hat number four we got the most difficult team.

    Dortmund were in [that] hat, where you expect usually a team who will be easier to play.

    They are the team who is coming up in Germany, who have dominated the last year in German football and who will certainly be the most dangerous team for us, with Marseille.

    That is what you don't expect from hat number four, but we want to qualify and that is all we can do.

    We lost players late, we had some injuries and we bought late as well.

    We were a bit unlucky as well because of course we played the Manchester United

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  • We want to be record breakers

    In his latest exclusive interview with Eurosport, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says he wants his side to break a Champions League scoring record and also looks ahead to the clash between Milan and Real Madrid. 

    Do you plan to push to top your group with your strongest team or do you plan to rotate your squad?

    I'm going to try and win the group with a team strong enough to do so. We will do the maths later on what we think we will be able to do. We need to qualify as quickly as possible, so we will go to Shakhtar with a very strong team.

    So you don't have any calculations to make?

    No, because

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  • Chelsea overpaid for Torres

    With the arrival of
    Fernando Torres at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea could become even more dangerous
    for their opponents. The trio of Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka and Torres
    represents a real danger.

    Chelsea have improved
    their attacking power which was already significant but, in order to be a real
    success for the club, Torres needs to settle in with the squad.

    Moreover, the three
    strikers have to learn how to live together; there isn't any reason why they
    should fail.

    The interests of the
    team must be put first. When you are playing for Chelsea or any other top
    European club you have to realise

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  • United’s midfield will be key

    Barcelona will be able
    to control the game and dominate Manchester United in midfield during Saturday's Champions League final at Wembley.

    At the moment there isn't a
    single team that can compete with Barcelona in terms of ball possession.

    Indeed, it's a safe
    bet to assume that possession of the ball will be about 65 per cent in favour
    of Barcelona. The question is: how United will use the remaining 35 per cent?

    Will they be
    efficient? I really think they will. They have demonstrated throughout the season
    that their strikers are extremely efficient. That's why it should be a very
    open game

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  • Racial quotas ‘reprehensible’

    In the football community, we are against 'racial quotas'
    because it opens the door to mediocrity and injustice.

    And French football should be identified by the quality of
    its culture and upbringing and not by its people.

    The idea of quotas is absolutely reprehensible as an
    educational solution.

    Essentially, I don't think that France is a racist country,
    contrary to how the media like to portray us. They should apologise and move on to
    something else.

    It does not reflect our way of thinking. We must combat the
    problem at its roots: how to improve education of all young people at clubs. At

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  • No ‘anti-Messi’ plan

    Everybody at the club is looking forward to playing Barcelona at the Camp Nou - we are a bit excited.

    We have to finish the job we started in London because you only get one opportunity to qualify, and we are full of hope.

    However, we have to be concerned because Barcelona caused us enough trouble at home, so we can expect it to be even more difficult on their turf.

    How well we are able to handle wave after wave of their attacks and express ourselves when we win possession will decide this tie. We will need a bit of luck, a lot of courage and, most of all, to be bold.

    If we are able to end

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  • Mind games key in United clash

    Tonight's game at Old
    Trafford takes on a psychological importance. The Premier League won't be won
    tonight, but the game could have a significant impact on the players' state of
    mind and self-confidence.

    United seem to be
    playing better and better; they are improving their performance game after

    The strength of the
    team is emerging, and it is coinciding with Wayne Rooney's return to his best

    United will be a
    serious rival for us in the Champions League and the Premier League, and I
    think they will be really hard to play against in the second half of the

    They seem to have

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  • Marseille have chance at Old Trafford

    In his latest exclusive blog for Eurosport, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger gives us his thoughts in this week's Champions League last-16 second leg clashes.  

    Manchester United v Marseille (0-0 after first leg)

    Marseille will play Manchester United only three days after we met them in the FA Cup quarter-finals, so maybe we have helped them out a little.

    I think that Marseille have got a chance to get through because a 0-0 draw at home from the first leg, despite what some people might think, is often a good result.

    When you host a team after drawing 0-0 away you think that if you concede, you

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  • Honours even at Wembley

    England face my country France at Wembley in an international friendly on Wednesday night.

    This is a prestigious football game between two great football countries, both of which possess magnificent players.

    Arsenal have more of a vested interest in the game than any other club because we have players representing both national teams.

    On the one hand, it is a bad game for us at this particular moment in time: by that I mean that just after this international friendly we have an overcharged schedule of our own to negotiate.

    But, on the other hand, that does not mean we are not proud to have

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  • How Marseille can beat United

    The last 16 Champions League tie between Marseille and Manchester United
    could be compared to our match against Barcelona - they were the favourites,
    just as United will be for this game.

    Nevertheless, Marseille and their wonderful fans can compete with United,
    and achieve a good result at home.

    When you look at the statistics, it is easy to notice that Manchester
    United have won very few matches away from home.

    From 12 away games in the Premier League, they have drawn eight and won
    only three. But they have a strong defensive base built around Nemanja Vidic
    and Edwin van der Sar, two

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