Arsène Wenger

Arsenal can turn tables on Schalke

Arsene Wenger

I think Arsenal can reverse last week's result at home to Schalke. They surprised us at The Emirates; when you analyse the match they deserved to win because they had the better chances, It is up to us to turn that around.

At home, we lacked rhythm and were a little flat physically. This lack of energy has been a problem since the international break, which is hard to explain because we were very strong beforehand.

We have had some problems going forward this season. We have had fewer shots on target than last year, and are missing a some effectiveness in front of goal.

I think that ineffectiveness gave Schalke confidence. They scored two goals from three shots on target, but I would still admit they dominated the game.

Elsewhere tonight, Real Madrid face Dortmund. They could end up losing both matches against the German champions but I do not think it will happen.

As for their qualification, I do not think it is danger. They have six points and still have to play Ajax at home. Even a draw against Dortmund tonight would not be a disaster.

I think their problems on the last matchday, as with many clubs, can be put down to the scheduling of the international break.

Players come back on Friday, have a league game almost straight away and then go straight into the Champions League the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

I think it would be better to switch round the Champions League and League Cup in the schedules.

In any case, Real are definitely among the favourites for the Champions League - they have six candidates for the Ballon d'Or, after all! And even though they have not made the best start to the season, we have to remember the Champions League final is played in May, not November.

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