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Arsenal’s values make us great

Arsene Wenger

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Arsene Wenger

Arsenal recently celebrated its 125th birthday, and it's a club with values that allow the team to go on and on: great management, tradition and courage.

This club always based its evolution on simplicity, and I will always be thankful with the club for integrating me here.

I think that in a foreign country you have to adapt yourself to the culture of the club. Then, you can bring your own philosophy and vision in the club.

I managed to adapt myself to the strengths of the club: its values, its class. I tried to respect that, and I think I have done.

To mark the occasion we unveiled statues of three Arsenal legends - Herbert Chapman, Tony Adams and Thierry Henry.

I like this aspect of the English culture which is to honour great people. The career of a football player depends on 90 per cent on the club where they play.

They always know that after they leave the club or after the end of their career

We can look forward to an exciting year in the Champions League last 16.

There is less leeway between the Premier League and the rest of the Europe than two years ago. We can see it in the English teams' games. Today, it is harder for English clubs.

Real Madrid are the big favourites. After that, there are Arsenal, Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

Chelsea and us almost won the Champions League title a few years ago. We went from the Group stage to the knock-out stage, so anything could happen.

We are both against Italian opponents, and I think their football is enjoying a renaissance.

Italy is a football culture, a football tradition. I am glad that Napoli came back to prominence.

We know AC Milan - they are a club whose financial assets mean they are always able to get through tough times.

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