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Arsenal can win the league, but we must beat Crystal Palace

Arsene Wenger

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We only have one thing in mind at Arsenal, and it’s to be number one again. However, Manchester City have been quite amazing for the last nine, 10 matches, but we have 53 points from 23 games and we have to keep moving forward, focusing on our performances.

If we manage to maintain our stability in results, as we have done for some time, we will be on top again. So we must keep calm, focus on our performances, and move forward. And then, let’s hope that the others will stumble at some point.

Our success this year is down to our stability throughout the team, and also due to adding a big player in Mesut Ozil.

A team has a cycle of life. It goes up, and then goes down again. For the last few seasons, we were in the ascending phase, but then lost a great player every year – sometimes two players during one season. So we've had to start again.

This year, it’s the first time we have managed to keep all our players, and we were able to add Ozil. And at the end, voilà. It’s as simple as that.

The Premier League is like Formula 1, with some teams having far greater means than we do. And to beat them, let’s say winning one Grand Prix, two Grands Prix, a third, but that has very little bearing on the overall result at the end of the year.

There is a lot of scepticism aimed towards us, and I understand it. But it’s our job to contradict the doubters, and we can only do that with quality and consistency in our results.

We’re not concerned as to whether people believe in us, because among them are a lot of people who want us to win.

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