Arsène Wenger

Atletico one of 10 potential Champions League winners

Arsene Wenger

In the past, during the first years of the Champions League, as coaches we only expected three or four teams to potentially win. Now at least 10 teams can dream about victory in the main competition.

Now, in October, it is literally impossible to say who is going to be the successors to Bayern.

It was an impressive victory for Bayern against Manchester City. That game in particular I watched and studied and for me, Bayern are already the favourites in this competition.

All other teams have got one goal: and that is to beat them and deny them. They are a team that can go on and win again.

Robben was exceptional against Manchester City, and Ribery as well. They are the players of the week.

For me, Atletico Madrid can be a surprise package: they can do the same as Borussia Dortmund did last year. Even if they have lost Falcao, they have a good defence and a very good goalkeeper.

They have got really good midfield players and of course they have Diego Costa – and this guy is an absolute animal. He would be able to score from anywhere.

They are a good team with their strength spread equally across all departments. In my opinion they are a candidate to win this competition outright.

As for the other teams, Paris Saint-Germain have made a really good early impression as well –they have won their first two matches in highly convincing style.

And then there is a team who certain people doubted, but they have put things straight – that’s Real Madrid.

What about Roberto Mancini at Galatasaray? To take a draw in Turin against Juventus was a fantastic result.

Regarding us, I think that Mesut Ozil played a fantastic game against Napoli and I think everyone saw his quality, right from the start to the end of the game.

He looked very relaxed and very much at home on the pitch throughout the course of the game.

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