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Flamini deserves a recall for France

Arsene Wenger

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I think Mathieu Flamini can earn a recall to the French national side. It might too soon to call him up immediately, but I would have thought that Didier Deschamps would call on him at some point.

He is very focused, he is experienced and he has recovered physically. He is a winner, so I think he has a chance. Deschamps had his players in mind this time, so why not another time? He has performed well lately.

As for whether Olivier Giroud and Karim Benzema can play together … they can, yes. But up until now, their partnership hasn’t worked so they must find another way.

It’s always hard. But you must have guys who are giving good assists as well as guys who can score. Right now, those who fail to score are always being singled out. But a question must be answered: do we have enough guys giving good assists? I think France are lacking something in this regard.

As we approach the final game of the qualifiers, we still don’t know the real level of this France side.

Hasty conclusions were made after the 1-0 loss at home to Spain in March. Spain controlled the first half but were tired during the second. We might have been a bit optimistic because we only came into the game during the last 20 minutes due to our physical superiority.

It seems that France are more at ease against a team who try to take the game to them, rather than when France have to do it.

The problem is, during the qualification round France has to face teams who want to be pressured and are only defending.

We must find a balance between being efficient in defence and being taking control of the game – which means having enough attacking creativity.

That’s what Didier Deschamps has to work on: finding this balance.

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