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My future does not hinge on FA Cup final result

Arsene Wenger

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The result of Saturday's FA Cup final will have no influence on my future at Arsenal. When I've been part of a club for 18 years, it would be a bit ridiculous to base my decision on one single match, don’t you think?

Will I be the manager next season? Yes, normally. It’s not completely finalised yet, but it should happen. But it’s true that I am very proud of the team’s attitude, because they have been through very tough moments. And they have always answered scrutiny with positive thinking.

Winning the FA Cup is our main goal now. Each year, Champions League qualification is the minimal objective of the season, but, in England, it’s very difficult to be present year after year among the first four teams in the league.

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Even if we have been frustrated this season - because we led the league for 128 days, and we lost the title in the end - Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal can all feel frustrated this season. But we still have one big objective: win the FA Cup on Saturday.

We are back at Wembley for the first time since the League Cup final defeat to Birmingham and I think the players who were there in 2011 thought about it a bit in this year's semi-final against Wigan, because we were favourites by far, just as against Birmingham.

We were losing 1-0 and there were only 10 minutes to play. Finally we won after a penalty shoot-out. This game was a bit apathetic. We were getting out of a bad period and we had this huge pressure; no matter how, we had to go through this round. We had some difficulties, but we succeeded. Now we have to make something out of it in the final.

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Are we favourites? Even if we don’t have the same number of points as Hull in the Premier League, it’s always a game.

In the Premier League, all teams can make passes, all teams can shoot, all teams can use corners or free-kicks. So we must accept the idea that we can lose, just like we can win.

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A final is a bit different, because you have to go with the necessary energy to be at the top of your capacity. That’s where we have to focus, while knowing that this is football; you can always lose, but you have to do everything to win.

I want the players to win for themselves, for the club, for all the effort they made this year. I think that this group has had an amazing spirit; they have shown great mental qualities during hard times.

We have won against many big teams to be in the final: Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton. So this group deserves to win this final, but they have to make the final step; it’s often the hardest, certainly the most important.

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