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We have to give Giroud time

Arsene Wenger

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It's necessary to give new arrivals time. Olivier Giroud worked hard in pre-season to get ready, but he pushed himself and I think that he is feeling the consequences of that a little today.

He does not know the team and his new colleagues very well yet. Some great players spent four or five months here even before they started playing.

Giroud has already played several matches, but to see him at his best, it is necessary to give him a bit of time.

We were happy with how he played in the Champions League against Montpellier, but for the first goal it was a change of position from Lukas Podolski which made the difference.

He changed position and Giroud was able to play him in. It was a move which is based on our identity: a move between the lines, based on movement and technique.

Before all that, there were about 15 phases. Then one is likely to bring Podolski in a position to shoot, and in those situations he is deadly.

Along with Santi Cazorla, all of our summer signings have already shown they have the Arsenal attitude - initially because they work a lot in training, but especially because good players adapt well, and have an instinct for what to do at a specific moment.

It is like if you play a portion of music to excellent musicians - they understand very quickly how to play it, and here it is something similar.

We face Chelsea at the weekend and I think the departure of Didier Drogba has released Fernando Torres.

It is seen already in his attitude, in his manner of playing: he has more certainty in what he undertakes. It shows in his play that Drogba left.

I have only one explanation for the problems Torres had at the beginning at Chelsea: it was Didier Drogba. Drogba is somebody who is solid internally and has a great mental strength. Because he is a great player he is also able to impose himself in the dressing room.

Torres arrived at Chelsea with two enormous handicaps: the first which he was confronted with was that Drogba had already made the history of the club, he already had a place. The second is that he arrived with a transfer of £50 million on his shoulders; therefore as soon as you arrive, people expect something of special of you.

It is not easy to live with that. I think that was very hard because when you do not score for two matches, you know that you have Drogba on the bench, and he will return.

Drogba had such a weight in the club. But not just Drogba, it is also Lampard, Cole, Terry. It's all the old armada of Chelsea and it is not easy to move them.

But afterwards, when you have the class and the talent, time always makes the difference. It is for that reason I would not be astonished if Torres has a great season.

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