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Nothing but respect for Klopp

Arsene Wenger

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Juergen Klopp, who takes Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City on Wednesday, is an atypical personality. I have a lot respect for him, but also empathy.

He is a guy who enjoys life, who has overseen a true metamorphosis within Dortmund and who has proven that each coach must have his own personality and should express it with his team. I have much respect and admiration for him.

His best quality is that he is himself, he does not seem marked by stress. There is a love of life around him that he communicates well to his team.

Dortmund is a team which evolves constantly but which is constant. For me, it is the mark of a great coach if he manages to have consistent results.

You have many guys who manage to have specific success, but over a long duration they do not manage to instil a philosophy in their teams.

To be consistent you need something more. It is necessary to bring a love of playing the game and a form of expression to the team - and that is much harder. He is succeeding and I tip my hat to him for that.

People have drawn comparisons with Arsenal and I understand them because there is often a greater satisfaction to be found than just buying the best player of the moment. It is a pleasure to grow a player.

A coach affects the club on three levels: one, by results; two, by the style of play and the influence which he has on the structure of the club; three, on the individual course of the life of the players.

The third is a very important part.

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