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Risk-taker Guardiola has improved Bayern

Arsene Wenger

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We can already see Pep Guardiola’s influence on this Bayern Munich team, but let’s not forget they won the treble last year. This team was already on top of Europe.

Guardiola has added something because they take more risks when attacking. They win the ball higher up the pitch and pass it even more than when Jupp Heynckes was there.

Still, they were already impressive last season and they have kept the two players who have been making the difference: Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery.

Against Manchester City they really impressed me. I couldn’t tell you if Bayern were so strong because Manchester City had a bad day, or if City played badly because Bayern are so strong. This is a question you ask yourself afterwards.

Juventus’s start in the Champions League – taking two points from two games – has been rather strange.

Last year they were very efficient when they attacked. Now, it is less obvious. Where does it come from?

Doubt has been cast on Andrea Pirlo. He used to be the leader of the team, and the game would start from him: he was the one who always directed where the ball should be.

If they have lost this element of their game, they might be less efficient at attacking.

The game between Juventus and Real Madrid is a very important confrontation, and it will be very interesting to watch. We expect both of them to qualify from the group … it’s hard to pick a favourite.

As for PSG, they have a chance of winning the Champions League. But maybe it is a bit too soon.

They have a big asset in that they have been protected by the draw over the past two years. They have qualities and they gained experience last year. They now believe they can go far in the competition.

From the last 16 onwards it is a cup: you can win according to your form on the day and you must know how to take your chances. PSG have enough quality in attack to do just that.

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