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Effervescent Beckham has role to play for PSG

Arsene Wenger

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David Beckham unveiled as a PSG player (AFP)

David Beckham can bring something to Paris St-Germain, although exactly how or what depends on the approach the club take.

If the French side expect an all-round player, then they will be disappointed. But if they want an intelligent player, who is able to make any long pass, then yes, he can bring something to the table.

I don't really know how they will use Beckham on the pitch, but his arrival in Paris has already been a big event for everybody concerned.

There is a real effervescence around this player, as shown by the amount of media present at his first conference. In this respect, of course he's worth it, and maybe PSG have a long-term vision with Beckham.

I don't know if I would have signed him for Arsenal because it was never discussed. We already have enough midfielders at the club anyway and David has always said that he does not want to play for another Premier League after Manchester United.

He trained with us at Arsenal, but it was just a cordial agreement - it wasn't even the first time he had come to train with us.

Beckham will not play, but it will be tough for his new side in Valencia.

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