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Why I’ve been disappointed with Brazil

Arsene Wenger

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The quality at the World Cup has been very good, much better than the quality of four years ago. The teams we expected to go through basically went through.


I have two regrets - for me one is that the South Americans who were the dominant teams in the group stage had to play too much against each other. I especially would like to congratulate Chile. I think they were the best team of this tournament until they played against Brazil. And they were very unlucky to go out.

I'm disappointed I think up to now with the collective performance of Brazil. You always think that maybe they suffer under too much pressure so they play too inhibited, and that at some stage, they let it go and show who they really are. But up to now, they haven't completely showed the game we love from Brazil. We haven't seen it.

Costa Rica are the surprise of the tournament. And I believe they have shown absolutely fantastic mental strength. They were down to 10 men against Greece. And you think now that it's over for them. But they might give a game to Holland in the quarter-finals, and they are the biggest surprise of this tournament.


This is the tournament of the goalkeepers. In every single team, the goalkeepers have turned up and saved their team. Bravo and Navas, Julio Cesar, Courtois, Lloris. Many countries… Ospina has played also very well for Colombia. Up to now, it is maybe the goalkeepers who have been the most convincing globally, more than anybody else.

I believe that James from Colombia has shown two aspects of talent that you love in the game. One individual on the first goal against Uruguay and the second was the conclusion of a collective move from Colombia with a very convincing performance. I think maybe in the last 16, he's the player who shone more than anybody else

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