Blazin' Saddles

Playing up his cancer, and never getting caught: The film that lifts lid on Armstrong

Blazin' Saddles

Lance Armstrong's admission at the start of this year that he lied and cheated his way to seven Tour de France titles was one of the most amazing stories ever seen in the world of sport.

But a new film out next month suggests that we've yet to hear many of the most extraordinary twists, shocking revelations and tales of nerveless skullduggery surrounding the American cyclist's career.

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'The Armstrong Lie' is a documentary made by Alex Gibney, the film-maker who became famous for 'Enron: The smartest guys in the room', which exposed outrageous and contemptuous dealings at the American firm that included engineering a fake energy shortage in California in order to boost profits.

Gibney decided to follow Armstrong for a year in 2009 to record his comeback into the sport. Instead, what he ended up with was the genesis of a film which tells the whole story of one of sport's great deceptions - with Gibney being granted a follow-up interview by Armstrong in 2013 to finish the tale.

The trailer for the movie - which you can watch above - shows various snippets, with Armstrong admitting that he played up to his status as a cancer survivor as he knew it'd be a surefire marketing bonus, and that he carried on as he did for so long simply because he was utterly confident that he would not caught.

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The film also promises to focus on one of the most distasteful aspects of Armstrong's behaviour: the way he intimidated, bullied and tormented those who tried to blow the whistle on his doping over the years.

"It's not a story about doping. It's a story about power," Dibney says in the trailer.

The film is released next month in the USA.

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