Blazin' Saddles

Confused cyclist celebrates lap early, left very embarrassed

Blazin' Saddles

Casual sports fans love nothing more than seeing a cocky athlete celebrating early and suffering the humiliation of realising that they have been a total fool.

Eloy Teruel was not so much cocky, but just confused.

The poor man was left with egg on his face after he thought he had burst clear to win a stage of the Tour of California… only to realise that he hadn't.

He actually ended up finishing, rather tragically, in 56th place.

Teruel stormed through with a devastating sprint finish, punching the air with his arms aloft and hands off the handles of his bike, soaking up the applause.

But it slowly dawned on him that he had not, in fact, been victorious despite pulling away from the field.

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"No, no - that's a little unfortunate," the Eurosport commentators said, rather sympathetically.

"He clearly doesn't understand English with officials saying 'no, no, no'. That is a shame.

"There is one lap left to go, my friend. That's a real shame. It will be all over the papers, but for the wrong reasons."

It's certainly not the first time that an athlete has celebrated early, only to discover to their horror they had not triumphed, as the links below demonstrate.

Take comfort from these fellow premature air-punchers, Eloy...

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