Bunker Mentality

Harrington experiences unbelievable bad luck with stunning shot

Bunker Mentality

Anyone who has ever played golf knows how intensely frustrating it is when the ball zips past the hole by a few inches. But very few will have ever experienced as much bad luck as this.

Padraig Harrington had an outside chance of winning his first PGA Tour win since the 2008 PGA Championship when he produced an exquisite shot at the par four 11th hole at the Byron Nelson Championship.

He struck his pitch perfectly and he was poised to enjoy celebrating a wonderful shot as the ball plopped into the hole for an eagle.

Only, it wasn't an eagle - the ball, somehow, popped out.

The commentators stunned response said it all: "Oh no! Come on! Referee!"

Harrington's shocked reaction was exactly what you would expect, and if anything his lack of a temper tantrum was entirely admirable.

The three-time Major winner went on to post a 74 and finished tied in 22nd position.

He can also now reflect on one of the most ridiculously unlucky incidents in sport.

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