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Masters fan splashes out £3,500 in gift shop on opening day at Augusta

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The unknown fan's receipt from the official Masters gift shop

Pro tip: if you're attending the Masters, make sure to hit the gift shop as soon as you walk in the gates.

Elite tip: make sure your credit line runs deep.

Yes, despite the amazing course, wonderful golf on display and $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches, the official Masters gift shop is one of the biggest draws at Augusta.

For the lucky few who make it through the gates, there's a chance to splash out on all manner of Masters-logo gear which is not available anywhere else in the world except the tournament itself. (And probably the odd market stall in Hong Kong and Thailand, of course, but we won't go there).

So the fans who make it through Augusta's gates - something which costs at least £1,000 a day via a ticket scalper - tend to go a bit crazy buying commemorative tee shirts and mugs. But we don't think we've ever heard of anyone going this crazy.

Via the Golf Channel's Jason Sobel, we bring you this monstrosity: a 72-item receipt from the Augusta National gift shop for $5,682.96, or just under £3,500. Yep, somebody spent several mortgage payments on Masters gear.

That averages out to nearly £50 an item. While the gift shop at Augusta National isn't quite as inexpensive as the food and drink — sandwich, crisps and a beer will cost you less than a fiver — it's still reasonably priced, given the fact that Augusta could charge double and still do big business.

Now, most likely someone just got all their Christmas shopping done at once, but we don't want to believe that. We want to believe that somewhere out there, a man is wearing $12 Masters socks, a $175 Masters needlepoint belt, a $24 Masters hat, a $175 Masters sweater over an $80 Masters Polo shirt with a $75 Masters tie, all the while waving a $22 Masters flag in each hand. Please let this be so.

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