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McIlroy slammed for ‘snubbing’ boy, but did rules stop him?

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No sooner had Rory McIlroy left the 18th green at Hoylake having become the Open champion for the first time, did he leave many very unhappy with him.

The Northern Irishman strode away after his glorious triumph at Royal Liverpool with fans cheering his every move, only for one young man it was not all positive.

A boy approached him as he walked across the course, eagerly hunting an autograph from his victorious hero at the best possible moment, fresh from his first Open win.

But sadly for the child, McIlroy was having none of it and rather ruthlessly pushed the kid to one side and walked off.

As a result, two burly security men promptly intervened and hauled the boy away, taking him to the side and away from the superstar.


Perhaps inevitably, the incident did not go down at all well on social media with many quick to voice their dismay and disappointment at the sporting hero. You can also see the incident below...

Irish MP for Galway East Ciaran Cannon, even weighed in to the debate, implying that it was typical of McIlroy.



Despite many being very upset with McIlroy, however, Bunker Mentality has a degree of sympathy with him.

He had just won his first Open Championship and was eager to sign off his card, as is his duty, before preparing his speech and meeting everyone that he is obliged to mingle with.

As fellow European star Ian Poulter pointed out on Twitter in defence of McIlroy, there is even a rule in place to prevent stars signing autographs before they have signed for their round in the scorers' tent.

So, despite all the negativity towards McIlroy for brushing the boy aside, it could all have been down to the fact that he felt it was against the rules of golf to do so. And this is golf that we are talking about here.

Equally, he had been swamped all week with autograph hunters and adoring fans wanting to get as close to him as possible. He had very probably had quite enough of that for a week.

But as a role model and a handsomely-rewarded sporting hero, was it his right and duty to make the boy's day and give him a gift of an autograph that he would never forget?

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