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Meth lab found in toilet on golf course

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A meth lab has been found in a porta-loo in the middle of a golf course in America.

There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about having to take a bathroom break in a porta-loo. They smell, they're dirty and you're either usually super hot or super cold while inside of one.

But a porta-loo meth lab on a golf course? That isn't a thing, right?

Wrong. In Oklahoma, investigators found a mini meth lab inside a porta-loo in the middle of a golf course, which has to be the weirdest/most creative meth lab in history.

"Undercover drug agents defuse a mini meth lab found inside a porta-potty in the middle of a golf course Tuesday in Purcell. Staffers noticed strange sports drink bottles with chemicals inside the porta-potty and called police," a KFOR report claimed.

Officers arrived and soon realised someone had been inside making meth using the “shake and bake” method."

While Walter White from Breaking Bad wouldn't exactly approve, apparently this is a real thing.

Shane Bacon, Yahoo! Sports US

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