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Overreaction Theatre: Can we have a red button to silence Monty?

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Colin Montgomerie: Golfer, commentator, egomaniac

Bunker Mentality has a lot of time for Colin Montgomerie's TV commentary. Generally speaking he's insightful, articulate and intelligent. Given that he is actually playing in this week's US PGA Championship, however, people assumed that he would not be working for Sky at the same time.

Think again. Monty decided that he would be quite able to play his golf, and then get into position alongside Sky's Ewen Murray.

Despite the acid in that response, it was - in theory - a good idea. Given that he's actually playing he could surely bring plenty of genuine inside knowledge to bear, and many fans - including some very high-profile ones - were openly looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, there was a catch. Monty has always had a big ego, as you might expect of a man who was crowned champion of Europe seven times in a row, and occasionally lapses into self-indulgent musings on his own game rather than discussing what's going on.

And it seems that his stellar year on the US Seniors Tour (in which he has won two Majors) has made his head swell to even greater proportions than usual. Because when he finished his round and took his position behind the Sky microphone on day one at Valhalla, he decided that he should launch on an extended discourse about EVERY SINGLE THING that happened to him during his round.

Rather than actually, you know, commentating.

It started off not too badly - after all, it's understandable that a golfer wants to talk about a round he's just finished.

Indeed, it's actually highly desirable that he would share his experience of the actual playing conditions.

Sadly, that honeymoon period didn't last long.

As the Monty-centric chat continued, tempers really began to fray.

By this point one of our earlier grumblers was really getting into a tizzy.

Thankfully, some people went beyond negativity - and instead suggested practical solutions to the problem of Monty's ego. Some gave simple tips that might be obvious to those who have spent years watching, as opposed to playing, professional golf.

Others suggested that Sky should step in with a technical solution or an alternate role.

Sadly, not all those suggestions were particularly helpful...

Oh dear. Never mind, Monty. Still, at least there's another three rounds in which to redeem yourself.

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