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Report: McIlroy wants $2m to play tournament

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Remember when we thought Tiger Woods was the only golfer on the planet who could bring in an appearance fee north of $2 million (£1.24m)?

Well apparently the 14-time major winner has company in the eye-popping appearance fee department, after Australia's Herald Sun reported that Rory McIlroy's now asking for just over $2 million to show up for an event.

According to the Sun's story, McIlroy's management team had come to an agreement on an appearance fee with Australian Open official at the end of last year to play the event, but following the 23-year-old's astonishing finish to the 2012 season - including an eight-shot win at the PGA Championship - the fee went from $1 million to $2 million, thereby putting him out of reach financially for Aussie tournament officials.

Justin Rose is now the main draw for the event, which takes place over the weekend - follow live scoring here.

Is McIlroy's appearance at a tournament worth $2 million? He's without question the hottest player in golf at the moment, owns the No. 1 ranking and has a couple major wins under his belt, so the CV would lead you to believe he's worth a hefty appearance fee.

But $2 million? That's debatable. In a golf landscape where appearance fees dictate the quality of the field at major international events, the price to entice the best players in the world to an event has sky-rocketed in recent years.

Some may disagree with the practice of paying for a player to show up at an event, but as we've seen in years past with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, who have received hefty appearance fees to play, if you want the best in the world, you'd better come armed with several wheelbarrows full of cash.

By Jonathan Wall - Devil Ball Golf

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