Bunker Mentality

See the golf shot that could see Playboy magazine sued for £300,000

Bunker Mentality

It probably wouldn't have happened if Tiger Woods was holding the club, but here is what happens when a golf driver is placed in the wrong hands.

Playboy model Elizabeth Dickson, 28, lay flat on the ground while radio DJ Kevin Klein teed up an ill-advised drive out of a challenging lie at an amateur tournament hosted by Playboy Enterprises two years ago in California.

Klein took plenty of the flesh along with the ball prompting a lawsuit that could see the company sued for $500,000 (£301,041).

Dickson appeared to be in good humour seconds after the incident, but a later photograph showed a huge, purple bruise on her right buttock.

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Dickson has launched a lawsuit that claims she did not consent for the ball to actually be hit by Playboy DJ Klein - saying she was merely posing for a photograph.

According to the Daily Mail, she has also stated that he has suffered pain, worry and anxiety as a result of the wayward drive.

"[Dickson] sustained severe bodily injuries, a portion of which are permanent," according to the lawsuit.

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