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Ski ace Miller puts wife in hospital with golf shot to the eye

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Bode Miller and his wife Morgan (AFP)

Bode Miller is an Olympic gold medallist skier, but he's a little bit less talented with a golf club. On Wednesday, he and his wife Morgan, herself a professional beach volleyball player, were out on the links. And to say "it didn't go well" is putting it very, very mildly.

Bode apparently clocked Morgan - who he only married in October - right in the face with a tee shot. The resulting injury was horrifying but apparently not permanent, or at least not bad enough to keep Morgan from tweeting out a picture of herself.

(You can find the picture through the link below; warning, it's going to put you off your lunch. We'll let you decide if you want to scroll down and click on it.)

"I'm not feeling so hot," Morgan wrote on her Twitter page. "Line drive to the face today with a golf ball from my darling husband. I still love." She followed that up on Thursday morning with a more hopeful message: "Feeling better today. Still can't see out off left eye but I am getting some feeling back in my face."

She also threw a shout-out to sunglasses maker Kaenon ("By absorbing a 160mph line drive I only got 50+ stitches instead of losing my eye #lucky") and took a shot at a troll trying to tell her women don't belong on the golf course ("I would agree with you except for the fact I would golf circles around u").

But enough chatter. You want to see the injury? Trust us, there's a lot of blood. You've been warned. But if you still want to see it, click this way. See? We warned you. Nasty.

Yeah, the Millers probably not going to be making a Christmas card out of that one.

Jay Busbee, Yahoo! Sports

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