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Steve Elkington has police escort on course after ‘racist’ Southport tweet

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Steve Elkington was escorted on to the Royal Birkdale course for the third round of the Senior Open by police after some offensive tweets about Southport, where he has been staying during the tournament.

The language used could see him subject to legal action in the UK, while the European Tour are set to investigate the comments further and subject him to sporting sanctions.

The 1995 US PGA champion did not appear to be enjoying his time in the Lancashire coastal town when he tweeted: "Things about Southport ... fat tattooed guy, fat tattooed girl, trash, Pakistani robber guy, sh*t food."

The 50-year-old then followed it up on Saturday by adding: "Couple caddies got rolled by some Pakkis, bad night for them."

Elkington retracted the sentiments in a statement issued before his round.

"In my tweet I was referring to an unfortunate incident involving a caddie earlier in the week," Elkington said. "Being Australian, I was unaware that my use of language in relation to the Pakistani people would cause offense, but having been made aware I now deeply regret the use of that terminology.

"Southport is a beautiful place and I have enjoyed playing at Royal Birkdale, as my positive content on Twitter has shown. My comments were born out of frustration over what had happened to a colleague."

Elkington added: "I am prepared to adhere to any disciplinary action that the Championship sees fit."

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