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Tiger Woods and his swing coach Hank Haney

These days, it takes a lot to ruffle Tiger Woods' feathers publicly. Steve Williams, his former caddie, turned against him and Tiger barely spoke a bad word about the looper. Anything that came out in the media during his tumultuous return to golf was always followed by virtually a "no comment" by Tiger.

So to hear his words about the upcoming book about him written by his former coach, Hank Haney, were rather surprising. ESPN's Bob Harig talked with Tiger over the phone, and the words he expressed were that of disappointment.

The book, titled "The Big Miss," comes out March 27 and is said to be about the coaching years of Haney and Woods, but one would figure that some personal stuff will be sprinkled on the pages that Haney publishes.

It also shows just what Tiger thinks about someone going against him. Yes, Haney has the ability to publish something about his days with Woods, but as you see with what Tiger said, it doesn't seem right. Haney was his coach, and was paid by Tiger (most likely handsomely), and to take those days and use them for your own profit seems a little dirty to us.

The thing is, if the book is strictly about their days together on the golf front, we here won't have that big of a problem. It seems, however, that Tiger knows golf won't be the only thing in the book, and if that's the case, it probably is the wrong thing to do. No matter how bad things got between coach and student, I just don't see the point of burning that bridge for a best-seller, which this is sure to be.

I guess it all comes to morals, and if this is something you can sleep with at night, by all means, print away. The reaction from Woods just seems to show he isn't going to be happy with what comes out in this book.

Shane Bacon

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