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Two-year-old Tiger wannabe smashes proud dad in face

Bunker Mentality

Golfing toddler Carson has a very proud dad - and why not? At an age when most tiny tots are still struggling to master the art of the spoon, Carson has already developed a beautiful-looking golf swing.

But while he's cracked the knack of hitting the ball, the little man has yet to decipher between aiming at flag sticks and aiming at his dad - as the hilarious video above shows.

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Carson nailed his long-suffering dad in the face with a perfect shot, making himself an internet superstar in the process. And as soon as he starts going for flagsticks rather than camcorder-toting parents, he looks like becoming something of a golfing prodigy.

And he'd not be the first to show amazing promise at a young age. A three-year-old Rory McIlroy showed all sorts of talent, as the man himself showed with this video he posted on the web shows:

McIlroy went on to appear on an Irish chat show as a grinning eight-year-old, where he showed his incredible skills in chipping balls into a washing machine:

Rory's appearance was only following in the footsteps of Tiger Woods, however, who showed up on American TV when he was just two years old, showing off some cracking form with a three-wood:

Will we see little Carson rise to fame one day? Who knows - but if we do, you'll remember where you saw him first.

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