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Wayward drive ends up with man arrested at Open Championship

Bunker Mentality

Hoylake saw a wayward drive of a different sort only 24 hours before the start of the Open Championship when a golf buggy crashed through barriers at the main public entrance to the Liverpool course.

The blue buggy was carrying two people. It hit metal barriers before spinning through them and then coming to rest on a grass bank.

One man was arrested by Merseyside Police with another helping out with inquiries. The incident occurred around 7pm as many spectators were leaving Hoylake.

Media reports claim the buggy was taken for a joyride when an R&A official left the keys in the buggy when they should have been removed.

"There was an incident with an R&A buggy and the police, as you can see, are now investigating it," said Johnnie Cole-Hamilton, the R&A's ececutive director of championships, said:

"I can't say any more than that while it is under investigation in case I prejudice the case. I have been called, being the executive director, and I really can't say much."

A member of the public had to be treated for minor injuries, but another told the Daily Telegraph it could have been much worse.

"I heard a loud crash and saw the buggy come through It was pretty frightening. Somebody could very easily have been killed there."

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