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  • The most disgraceful quarter-final showing ever?

    We were all promised something special in the World Cup quarter-finals, and we certainly got it.

    West Indies turned out perhaps the most dismal showing in a knock-out match in living memory, and it was an 'I was there' (well, for the full 63 overs, at least) type of spectacle.

    This was the side which England 'valiantly' overcame to reach the quarter-finals, but Darren Sammy's side's lethargic, uninterested, sluggish, shambolic and downright shoddy display emphatically devalued the status held by the fixture.

    While former players must have been spitting their dark rum out in disgust, the likes

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  • UDRS: Good or bad?

    been plenty of focus on the Umpire Decision Review System ever since cricket
    took the plunge and applied technology to their umpiring.

    The World
    Cup is the first major tournament where teams have had access to the review
    system, and on the whole it has led to the desired result - more correct

    The ICC have
    produced some statistics to suggest that now almost 98 per cent
    of decisions by the umpires have been, in the end, correct

    But as
    encouraging as those numbers are, there have been several interesting and
    controversial incidents relating to the use of technology in this

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  • What Australia’s 34 and out means

    34 World
    Cup wins in a row.

    It is one
    of those ludicrous records which will likely stand forever, and have a unique, unmovable
    place in cricket statistic history, like Don Bradman's Test batting average of
    99.94 or Sachin Tendulkar's  hundred
    international centuries (admittedly he's only made 99 of those so far, but
    you'd have to be madder than a Shahid Afridi swipe to long-on to think he won't
    reach the landmark).

    Even Gavin
    Hamilton's rather special Test record (played one, scored no runs in two
    innings, took no wickets in 15 overs) has its own place in statistics history,
    and so too will

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  • Who or what is a Jade Dernbach?

    For a man whose nickname is 'Dirtbag', Jade
    Winston Dernbach is not the first name which might have sprung to mind when
    Andy Flower was looking to 'freshen up' his England squad.

    He might have a girl's name, but Jade can
    bowl pretty fast and get the ball to swing both ways with a full repertoire of
    variations and an array of surprise deliveries in his armoury.

    What is perhaps all the more surprising is
    that Dernbach was picked ahead of the prodigiously talented Chris Woakes - a
    man who excelled in the recent ODI series against Australia, and in whom the
    England Lions have invested a great

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  • Who’s the best captain in pyjama cricket?

    Every cricketing conversation or message board is awash with talk of blistering shots, searing pace, dreamy catches and Jesse Ryder's latest XXXX-inspired antics, but what about the captains?

    A skipper in cricket means much more than simply pulling up an armband every 10 minutes as in other sports: it carries with it huge responsibility, influence and tactical clout.

    An international skipper has the honour of welcoming debutants, calling powerplays, taking impromptu huddles and handing out random rollickings.

    It is a powerful position having the luxury of telling distinguished bowlers to "take

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  • What next for England’s World Cup rollercoaster?

    Ok, well this is one way to negotiate qualifying from the group stages. England are still waiting on Bangledesh's final match against South Africa, but their campaign took another twist as Andrew Strauss's side pulled their finger out against West Indies.

    World Cup campaign has taken supporters on a remarkable rollercoaster ride
    which has seen them lurch violently from a thrilling victory over South Africa,
    to a dramatic tie with India, and dismal defeats to Ireland and Bangladesh.

    Then today in Chennai, Strauss's side looked on the brink of defeat on numerous occasions, only for another

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  • Punter Ponting: the man behind the grimace

    Ricky 'Punter' Ponting is perhaps the least appreciated modern-day great you could imagine.

    The Tasmanian has captained Australia to two World Cup crowns - both unbeaten campaigns - winning three as a player, and has scored 10,000 ODI runs with 25 centuries in wins, which is second only to Sachin Tendulkar.

    Ponting has become Australia's most successful run-maker and only sits below Sir Donald Bradman in the country's overall ratings.

    There can surely be no doubt whatsoever in regards to his greatness once he has strode purposefully to the crease, spat on the floor and taken guard - but his

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  • Rate or slate the World Cup commentators

    The ICC sells its World Cup TV rights in bulk, which means the host broadcaster's coverage is beamed throughout the world with a supposed all-star roster of microphone magicians in place.

    It's an eclectic mix of beefy former England all-rounders who rock up to the mic after a blistering 15-round nightly bout with a robust red plonk, imbecilic ex-players, and suave, sophisticated and heavily-mulleted analysts.

    At times, the commentators have enthralled and entertained, while at others they have subjected their viewers to banal, sterile witterings at the ministry of the bleeding obvious.


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  • The curse of the batting powerplay

    The only thing powerful about a batting powerplay in this World Cup has proved to be the detrimental effect it has had on the side employing it.

    In the latest edition of 'beware of the batting powerplay', India eagerly seized their supposed five overs of carnage, only to concede their last nine wickets for just 29 runs.

    South Africa were staring down the barrel at the end of the 38th over with India ready to light up a stogie at 253 for one and with Sachin Tendulkar having plundered another epic century, only for disaster-gate to ensue.

    Dale Steyn, having been treated like an inebriated

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  • Are South Africa cricket’s chief chokers?

    Well, few people saw that coming. After England were skittled out for a meagre 171 it seemed all that would follow would be a solemn atmosphere at Timmy Bresnan's daily curry night out in Chennai.

    But a combination of an inspired, gutsy and spirited bowling display from England on a tired, turgid wicket, and an unexpected capitulation of biblical standards from South Africa saw Andrew Strauss's side claim a thrilling six-run victory.

    What do we make of the way South Africa collapsed from 124 for three to 165 all out...

    Are the Proteas the nerviest side in world cricket?

    Do they always buckle

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