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  • Sri Lanka join pantheon of epic fails

    After four days of tedium, the first Test exploded in a frenzy of activity on the final day in Cardiff with England pulling off a quite sensational victory over Sri Lanka.

    Coach Stuart Law looked on like a man who had watched his wife just reverse his Ferrari into a lampp ost — a lamp post which had his pet Labrador tied to it — as the tourists lost eight wickets in 12.2 overs after tea.

    Normally if your second innings total is bigger than the crowd it is enough to salvage a result but England pulled victory from the enormous jaws of a draw prompting Stuart Broad to tweet "That's the most

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  • Police called in to investigate Shonky Shankar

    Worcestershire have sacked a cricketer who apparently tricked his way into earning a professional contract with the county side.

    Police are now investigating the astonishing case of Adrian Shankar, whose contract was terminated just over two weeks after he joined the county when his apparent web of lies started to unravel.

    Shankar not only lied about his age - claiming to be 26 rather than 29 - but has also made a string of other bizarre claims which helped him land a contract with the county, who drafted him straight into their first XI.

    In his time he made two appearances, getting bowled for

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  • Cow’s team of the group stage

    It only took 42 games, but we finally know our quarter-finalists.

    Actually, if Cowers makes it sound like drudgery, that's unfair. The group stages have been more exciting than the 2003 World Cup multiplied by the 2007 World Cup.

    And that's not just because England wobbled from bewilderingly bad to bafflingly brilliant as sure as tick follows tock.

    Everyone has been beaten at some stage (though, if you like that kind of omen, you might be heartened to know that England are the only team left in the competition yet to lose to another of the quarter-finalists), and we're absolutely none the

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  • KP talked into left-arm trap

    Trott today joined Kevin Pietersen as one of England's two current batsmen with more
    than one Test double century to his name.

    But while Trott's
    star rises with every match - despite those nagging voices saying he scores too
    slowly (come on - can you really criticise a man who currently averages 66.77
    at this level?) - Pietersen's is dulled.

    Once upon a
    time KP was a brash batsman who paid treated bowlers with the reputation
    of Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath with about as much respect as he did his own
    hair (you remember the skunk).

    It wasn't
    just that he could face up to the greats

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  • Will Gayle stance change cricket forever?

    Gayle is not the first cricketer to carry his kitbag to wherever he can earn
    the most money and he most certainly won't be the last, but his arrogant, selfish
    stance epitomises some of the changes hitting the game.

    Gayle is currently obliterating everything that moves in the
    IPL, where he started off his 2011 campaign with a scintillating ton for Royal
    Challengers Bangalore, but all while West Indies have slumped 0-2 in their
    five-match series against Pakistan.

    He is defying his nation; defying the West Indies cricket board; defying his ever-publicly supportive team-mates.

    The former

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  • Injury highlights rise of Anderson

    The day ended with high fives and back slaps as Cook and Trott splashed 240 runs around the SWALEC Stadium and brought England well within range of Sri Lanka on day three of the first Test.

    Cowers could have filled the blog on these two without any problems - they are an irresistible pairing.

    But that was the subject matter of most blogs during the Ashes. The two men are 'merely' picking up where they left off - admirable given the stated intention of England becoming the number one side in Test cricket.

    England look set to bat long into tomorrow against a toothless attack who lack the menace

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  • Lukewarm start to the English summer

    The opening
    day of the international cricket summer was a lukewarm affair - and in more
    than just the literal sense.

    out before 90,000 spectators on a sunny day before a raucous Australian crowd
    was only five months ago but must have seemed an eternity to England's players as they began the first Test
    on a wet, blustery day before a sparse crowd in Cardiff.

    Where were
    all those who stayed up at all night and watched Ricky Ponting depart in a
    strop for single figures before going to work on three hours sleep?

    The Swalec
    Stadium, belonging to Glamorgan, was less than half full with one

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  • Please pick Bopara over Morgan

    disadvantage for cricket writers of England having a settled and successful
    Test side is that there is not too much room for debating selections.

    But with
    the first Test of the summer fast approaching there is one decision that needs
    to be made and debated - picking the retired Paul Collingwood's replacement.

    If the question
    stands out like a sore (probably fractured) Nasser Hussain thumb, then the answer
    is less clear at first.

    There is
    little to choose between the two outstanding candidates, Ravi Bopara and Eoin

    They are of
    a similar age - Ravi turned 26 last week, Morgan is

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  • Is England’s best asset Zimbabwean?

    Flower continuing his work as England team director might sound like a relatively
    trivial piece of news, but it could be the most significant development as
    England plan the next four years.

    a World Cup there's always a period of change and restructure in international
    cricket. Several teams have already changed their coaching set-ups, including
    India, who were believed to be quite keen on parachuting Flower into the top

    though the decision to keep him on board was simple, there were considerations
    which made an extension less than certain.

    time away from home that

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  • Australia plumb new depths

    Through much of this Australian summer, home fans will have thought things couldn't get any worse. On this the 24th scheduled day of the Ashes series, they reached their nadir. And even worse, as at the MCG they will have to come back for a futile morning session before England fans and players get an early start on celebrations. 

    Matt Prior's 118 and Graeme Swann's late slog took the score to 644 all out, their best ever in Australia. Yet another record for England on this tour beating a mark set 72 years ago.  A Swann-led assault saw Mitchell Johnson's last two overs go for 35 runs. As Mitch

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