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  • Courtney Kruger – number one super guy

    What is Hong Kong famous for?

    - A dense population (not in the remedial class at your local comp way)

    - Not being British anymore

    - Every schoolboy's favourite racecourse - Sha Tin

    - Lending its name to the greatest ever cartoon character 

    - Cricket???

    No not really but Pakistan are playing an one-day international today which is not the biggest shock as they seem to play an one-day international most days.

    But it wasn't Mahendra Dhoni and co striding out at the National Stadium in Karachi or Kumar Sangakarra and his mates.

    No it was the team ranked 27th in the world - Hong Kong.

    They say

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  • Jacob’s cracker for Kiwis

    5.04pm: NZ 269-6 (86.2 overs) - It's all over!! The light was getting a little dodgy so it's handshakes all round and we go to Old Trafford all-square. With 31 boundaries, the book goes to nickbroberts - e-mail with your address please. We'll be back for live coverage on Friday but Cow Corner will be here every day this week with its' own take on all things cricket. Bye for now.


    5pm: NZ 269-6 (86 overs) - McCullum has come back out to bat, they are made of strong stuff in Dunedin - he's the sort of guy who shears sheep with his

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  • Miller time harps Dusty

    When Mike Atherton asked Michael Vaughan whether he was happy with the team he was handed for the second Test in the aftermath of the Headingley debacle, there was an awkward 10 second silence.

    Vaughan fidgeted, avoided eye contact and then became overly defensive before offering the response of 'it's not really the time to talk about these things'.

    At least if Mrs Vaughan wanted to know whether Michael had been down the boozer for a couple of cheeky ones before coming home, she'd have no trouble in telling.

    Now national selector Geoff Miller has sought an explanation after Vaughan latterly

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  • Three down, seven to go

    21:08: WI 143-3 (45 overs) Pietersen has a couple of expensive overs towards the close but runs are not a factor now. West Indies require another 360 runs and that's not going to happen, England need seven wickets and that might happen. Join us at 2pm tomorrow to find out - should be interesting. STUMPS!



    20:45: WI 119-3 (40 overs) Chanderpaul is trying to book in for bed and breakfast, he's the sort of guy who would be quite happy to bat for seven hours and make 30. Swann is probing and has an lbw appeal against Sarwan when he shoulders arms - but it's

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  • One down, 19 to go for England

    21:20 — WI 92-1 (19 overs) - Nightwatchman Powell sees the hosts through to stumps. Sunday promises to be the key day of this Test. 


    21:15 — WI 90-1 (17 overs) - Gayle cuts Swann to the
    fence and then marks Monty Panesar's return to the Test bowling crease
    with a thumping cover drive to the fence. But then WICKET! Smith plays inside the line of the ball and watches Monty's ball beat the outside edge and clip off-stump. 

    21:00 — WI 72-0 (13 overs) — Swann replaces Broad and is
    greeted by two thumping sixes over long-on by Gayle. In between he is
    struck on the

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  • Goodbye Goughie

    We have almost certainly not seen the last of Darren Gough.

    Well certainly not if your idea of entertainment on a Saturday evening is watching Goughie, Andi Peters, some chef with an obvious pastry disorder and that nice Irish girl off Blue Peter wearing silver spandex leotards and jumping through a Styrofoam wall.

    Even if you missed the unedifying prime time spectacle that is Hole In The Wall, and have also managed to bypass Gough on Strictly Come Dancing, Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special and surely soon Strictly Come Dancing World Championship play-offs, there is a good chance that

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  • Sarwan refuses to let Harper spoil his day

    21:30 — WI 398/5 (109 overs) — Broad attempts a leg-cutter and is smeared to the pickets by Ramdin as another rapid half century partnership arrives before Sarwan dispatches a Pietersen full toss and cuts him late to the fence to move to 184. That's STUMPS and a draw must be the heavy favourite now. Join us at 2pm to see if Sarwan gets his 200.


    21:15 — WI 380/5 (106 overs) — A tired Broad is thrashed to the boundary by Ramdin and West Indies could even reach the follow-on mark tonight. 15 minutes left.

    21:00 — WI 369/5 (103 overs) — Sarwan edges Broad just

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  • You’re a record breaker

    Cricket is going through an era of unparalleled record-breaking. Cowers looks at some of the records that are sure to go soon and some others that may stand the test of time.

    Cricket is a sport in love with statistics and records - but which ones will last, and which will be surpassed?

    1. HIGHEST TEST CAREER AVERAGE: 6996 runs at 99.94

    Don Bradman (pictured), Australia

    Bradman's end-of-career average is the stuff of legend; a figure as close to perfection as is possible for a human being. Statistician Charles Davis, in his book 'The Best of the Best', used Bradman's career figures to argue

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  • The Perennial Bridesmaid

    Aussie cricketers clearly don't do long, drawn-out retirements.

    Damien Martyn announced his intention to retire from international cricket mid-series, days before he was due to line up in an Ashes Test against England in Perth. 

    A couple of weeks later, Justin Langer said he would be calling it a day at the end of the Sydney Test...just one day before it started. Now Stuey Macgill takes it a step further and quits mid-way through a Test match.

    At least when Adam Gilchrist did something similar, his was the final match of a series. Macgill didn't even afford the selectors that luxury -

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  • They could have been contenders

    So Zimbabwe live on as one of the ICC's 10 full members for a while yet.

    While Zimbabwe Cricket chairman Peter Chingoka claims their withdrawal from next year's World Twenty20 in England is for "the larger interests of the game," of course the real reason is they keep their funding.

    From a "purely" sporting perspective the whole breakdown of Zimbabwean society has denied the nation's leading cricketers from becoming something of a force in the game.

    As with all nations with a small pool of players you need to maximise your golden generation and if you look at who could have been playing for

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