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‘Batsman’ suffers hilarious village cricket fail

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The hilarious video above comes from a Twenty20 match between Eastwood CC v Bradfield CC played last month.

Opening for Essex side Eastwood were the Armitage brothers Nigel and Mark and after a couple of fours and single from Nigel that put Mark on strike.

He faced two balls and let's just say things did not go to plan.

On the first ball he tries a pull shot, despite the ball being far too full, but all he managed to do was fall to the ground.

That brought cries of laughter from the spectators but the real comedy was still to come.

After dusting himself off, Mark sets he sights on a slog over cow corner but once again he ends up on the deck only this time smashing the wicket with his bat.

The walk of shame followed but to be fair to Mark he seemed to take it all in good spirits and what is village cricket about if not having a laugh.

According to the club's official website:

Jimmy Anderson has contacted the club to ask "If he is opening, who is number three?!" The club can confirm it was not David Warner.

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