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What a match! Collingwood goes into the Kiwi dressing room to try to make peace...but is given short shrift by the tourists! No hand-shake, and a sour way to end what was a superb match. Thanks for joining me, make sure you return for the final ODI on Saturday...


New Zealand 234-9 (48 overs) Maiden from Swann! Gillespie can't get the spinner away...

New Zealand 234-9 (47 overs) ANOTHER RUN OUT! NEW ZEALAND NEED 13 FROM THE FINAL THREE OVERS, WITH JUST ONE WICKET LEFT! WHAT A GAME! Bell fires down the stumps with a throw from mid-wicket to beat Southee's throw by six inches! 


New Zealand 230-8 (46 overs) The tourists' dressing room are still incensed by Collingwood's lack of sportsmanship!  However, they still have a chance to win this match on their own merit and really stick it to the England skipper. Mills has been joined by Southee...England can only really win this by bowling the Kiwis out...

New Zealand 220-7 (44 overs) CONTROVERSY! Sidebottom and Elliott collide as the bowler races down to collect the ball...the batsman hits the deck, the bowler gets up and throws the ball to Collingwood at the non-striker's end...the England skipper takes the bails off...England appeal, and the batsman must go! New Zealand aren't happy, and I'm not surprised! That was a genuine collision, no malice intended by either player, and England have been ruthless in appealing! The umpires had no choice but to give him out after England appealed! This is going to run and run, because that was dispicable from the home skipper! 

New Zealand 189-7 (41 overs) WHAT A CATCH! Bopara takes a stunner at short mid-wicket...Vettori attempts to flick a shorter one from Collingwood through the leg-side...but Bopara flies to his right to cling on to a fine, fine catch. England definitely in the box seat now, folks. 

New Zealand 183-6 (39 overs) Collingwood has brought Swann back into the attack to attempt to squeeze the pressure on the batsmen further...the off-spinner has a decent LBW shout turned down as England sense they are in with a chance...

New Zealand 177-6 (37 overs) RUN OUT! CHEAP WICKET FOR ENGLAND! Great work in the deep from Swann as he fires a throw to the non-striker's end, where Collingwood collects, spins and whips off the bails to run out Styris! Disaster for New Zealand, as they now have two new men at the crease, with the run-rate just beginning to creep back up!

New Zealand 173-5 (35 overs) DANGERMAN OUT! Anderson tests Oram with a short ball, which he fends off ball, another short one is pulled to substitute fielder Cook down at backward square-leg! England are back in the match... 

New Zealand 160-4 (33 overs) The arrival of Oram has really given Styris an injection...the veteran pair have enjoyed a fine little spell that has put their side back in the driving seat...the last five overs have brought 45 runs...Collingwood turns to Broad to try and get a wicket... 

New Zealand 136-4 (30 overs)  Oram smites 13 runs from a Swann over as New Zealand begin to nudge the run-rate back below a run-a-ball. Collingwood has got some thinking to do here, because he doesn't want these two to build any momentum...

New Zealand 114-4 (27 overs) Jacob Oram is at the crease...he can be a potential match-winner for the visitors...England will think that with one more wicket, they can almost tie this match up - and with it, ensure that they cannot lose the series...there is just one match to play after this one, remember... 

New Zealand 106-4 (25 overs) Not a great shot! Flynn rather loses his head as he attempts an ill-advised sweep off Swann, only skying high to Bell at mid-wicket. A wicket at a good time for England as the run-rate approaches six-an-over for the Kiwis...

New Zealand 91-3 (23 overs) Swann is helping England turn the screw a little here. Flynn is the new batsman, and he is just struggling to get into the feel of things. The required rate is up to 5.73...

New Zealand 82-3 (19 overs) GOT HIM! Swann and Wright are into the attack as England search for a wicket to break this pesky stand...and Swann gets it! The ball doesn't turn, How gets a leading edge and the bowler takes a simple return catch!

New Zealand 73-2 (17 overs) ANOTHER CHANCE GOES DOWN! England hand Styris a third life as Broad fails to cling on to the batsman's drive back at him on his follow-through. Are the home side going to pay for these lapses?

New Zealand 62-2 (15 overs) The end of the second powerplay, and New Zealand are just edging on top. The required rate is just a mite over five-an-over, which isn't particularly daunting on this fine pitch with this hard, fast outfield. Also, Paul Collingwood knows that he is going to have to get ten overs out of his part-timers at some stage...which Styris will be relishing...AND ENGLAND CAN'T AFFORD TO PUT CHANCES DOWN! Collingwood floors a difficult chance diving away to his left off Styris. 

New Zealand 61-2 (13 overs) Broad is into the attack, and Styris tucks in; he whistles another four through cover, before cutting a rare loose one from Sidebottom over wide third man. Styris is definitely the dangerman. The Kiwis are making good strides into the run-rate after a wobbly start. 

New Zealand 31-2 (10 overs) Sir Mick Jagger is spotted in the crowd. He looks like a homeless man that has somehow blagged his way into the hospitality area. Oh, there is former Prime Minister John Major; couldn't be an Oval international without him freeloading. And Sir Bobby Robson is enjoying his day out, too; he looks happy, in a vacant sort of way.  

New Zealand 24-2 (8 overs) THE SIDEWINDER STRIKES AGAIN! Taylor skies an attempted pull, Pietersen-style, and Broad takes a steepling catch! Another big wicket for England...they now have two of the three top Kiwi batsmen...Styris, the third, comes to the crease... 

New Zealand 16-1 (6 overs) Now that McCullum has gone, the Kiwis will need a Plan B - which can only be to consolidate, keep wickets in hand, and then push towards the end, because they don't have anyone else who can come in an dominate the way their superstar batsman can. England will be absolutely delighted with their start here. Anderson has a decent LBW shout turned down...correctly, says Hawk Eye.

New Zealand 13-1 (4 overs) CRUNCH! Pietersen collides with Taylor as the England man attempts to back-up at the non-striker's end. The England man is a big unit, but collapses to the ground in a heap...some concern, but he eventually gets to his feet, rubbing his face. 

New Zealand 7-1 (3 overs) BIC WICKET! McCullum chases a wide one from Sidebottom, edges, and Swann bags a comfortable catch at first slip! Brucey Bonus for England! The star performer has gone - how will the fragile Kiwi dressing room react to that? 

New Zealand 7-0 (2 overs) Sidebottom, back for this game in place of Tremlett, starts well. Anderson, who has been carted about somewhat by McCullum so far this series, drops short and the Kiwi whirlwind cuts for four...with some help from Bopara on the fence. 

Here we go! The Kiwis are out, England are out; the sun is still shining, and the game is poised beautifully... 

The players are going to have a spot of lunch...join us in half-an-hour or so for the Kiwi reply... 

England 245ao (49.4 overs) ALL OVER! A decent effort from Anderson and Sidebottom, as they try to eek out as big a total as possible... It's not huge, but it's certainly defendable. The England batsmen had better field well, because they owe their bowlers a few runs here.  

England 228-9 (47 overs) BROAD OUT! A bit of a sorry-looking card for England. You can't blame the tail-enders, it is the top-order that has let England down...again. For all the talk of "having faith," they have all - bar Shah - guffed it up today. The bowlers are going to have to put in one hell of a performance if England are to win this. 

England 223-8 (46 overs) There it is! The rather ugly icing on a frankly vomit-inducing cake! Shah is run out going for a second run as Gillespie's throw from deep mid-on hits direct and leaves the batsman a couple of inches short. There was two runs there as Broad punched down the ground, but Shah rather dawdled and hesitated at the turn...and it proved fatal.

England 219-7 (45 overs) In the words of the Great Stupendo...PIFF! PAFF! PUFF! Swann slices a drive to gully to hand Mills a second wicket. Broad bounds to the crease like an enthusiastic young puppy...and promptly misses his first two deliveries. 

England 219-6 (44 overs) Swann is no mug with the bat, but I think all hopes of 280+ have evaporated now.Shah needs to keep his head, get six-an-over until the final two, then try to finish with an explosion of boundaries.

England 203-6 (42 overs) What a chump! Ambrose pulls Oram straight to the man in the deep at square-leg for another failure. He's having a shocking time with the bat at the moment. He looks like a kid playing First XI cricket. Swann comes to the crease, as the pressure is cranked up on Shah. If he goes, England are screwed. 

England 198-5 (40 overs) Shah goes on a bit of a boundary spree...first lofting Gillespie over mid-on, then clipping him through mid-off next ball...the very next over, he drives handsomely past the bowler for another boundary. Really fine batting from a very classy batsman. He is fast approaching his half-ton now... 

England 176-5 (38 overs) Saaarrrft! Bopara lofts a simple chance to mid-on after walking down the track to Gillespie...the gentle giant Oram takes a dolly of a catch. Bopara should have whacked that one over the top...he just looked a little too sexy and relaxed on that. In comes Ambrose...and boy, does he need a score. He's operating in binary at the moment. 

England 164-4 (36 overs) "England can still make 280+..." says Nasser Hussain in the commentary box. What has he been puffing? It would be a superb effort if they did. 260 is a more likely target for me. That said, Bopara has just passed his 50, and career-best ODI score, and Shah is well set to attack in the final ten. Maybe I'll be eating my hat in an hour's time... 

England 145-4 (33 overs) Superb six from Shah as he tangos down the wicket to loft Vettori over the ropes at cover. He holds his pose for about five seconds to make sure the cameramen have a decent picture... He is looking in fine nick again...England desperately need him to stick around for 12 more overs or so...Bopara is playing second-fiddle at the moment.

England 130-4 (30 overs) Know-it-all commentators like Botham always say that a team should aim to double their 30-over score by the end of the innings; even if England did manage that (and it looks hugely unlikely the way they are playing at the moment...), they would only make 250-ish...and the Kiwis would fancy their chances of chasing that down, for sure. Shah is at least looking fairly classy; he is England's main hope.

England 117-4 (27  overs) BANG! Out of nowhere, Shah drags Southee from outside off-stump for an enormous six over square-leg, momentarily awakening the crowd from their slumber. Bopara seems inspired by the shot, and dances down the wicket to Vettori before whipping him through mid-wicket for four.

England 104-4 (25 overs) Cowers seems to have been hit by some mega-bug on the message-boards this morning; feeling a little violated by it all. Feel as though someone is trying to get inside me, somehow, like Dennis Quaid in Inner Space. Great film, that. Owais Shah has come in for England; he looks very circumspect, which is hardly surprising considering the situation his team-mates have put him in. 

England 101-4 (22 overs) GONE! SOUTHEE STRIKES AGAIN! Collingwood chops on to his own stumps - hardly a huge surprise, considering that angled slash he plays at most deliveries. The England skipper departs for 14, and England are doing a fine job of stuffing this up royally... 

England 91-3 (20 overs) England have lost Ian Bell for 46, attempting to reach his half century with a pull off Tim Southee, which he only edges through to Brendan McCullum. Paul Collingwood has come to the crease, and started well; he punches through mid-off for four, before hoiking over mid-wicket for another boundary as England end the powerplays with a bit of a flourish.

England 72-2 (16 overs) Things are progressing very serenely here; lots of singles down to third man to keep the scoreboard "ticking over". No real sense of urgency from the home side at the moment...which is something we have come to expect during the middle overs of a 50-over match. Where is Graham Napier when you need him? 

England 64-2 (14 overs) Oram comes into the attack...he seems to take an age to get to the crease as he waddles in...Bell greets him with a super drive down the ground for four. Bell is looking good today...he has a good start, a good pitch, some nice weather...the stage is really set for him to make a big score today. JINX! 

England 52-2 (12 overs) Bopara has come in to replace Pietersen. He hasn't really shone so far this series, but has a good chance to make a score here. He looks to be taking his time, making sure he gets settled. England's good start has rather gone to waste here. 

England 44-2 (9.3 overs) PIETERSEN GOES FOR A DUCK! England's key man rocks back on a ball he thinks is short enough to pull....but gets it right on the bottom of his cue and sends the ball spiralling high towards mid-on, where Southee comes round and takes a good catch. Pietersen walks off muttering to himself, and England are in a bit of a pickle here. 

England 41-1 (8.5 overs) OUT! STUNNING CATCH! Mills drops one short, Wright rocks back and pulls it...BUT TAYLOR PULLS OF A WONDERFUL ONE-HANDED REACTION CATCH AT SHORT MID-WICKET! The pressure had been building on the Sussex all-rounder, but he will still be disappointed to get out like that; he timed his pull pretty well - but hit it straight at Taylor.

England 40-0 (8 overs) Luke Wright has been lucky to get away with a couple of loose shots so far...he could do with just settling down a wee bit. England have got off to a decent start, there is no need to do anything stoopid at the moment. The pressure seems to be building on him a bit as Gillespie sends down five dot-balls to him...but then he steps across a straight one and flicks it down fine-leg for four. Phew!

England 33-0 (6 overs)  The television cameras pick out Gladstone Small stood next to Sir Richard Hadlee in the hospitality area. Bit of an odd couple, that. Sir Dick looks utterly splendid in a blue naval jacket with bold brass buttons, those piercing eyes hidden behind the coolest of shades. He sips what looks like an innocent glass of coke, but which could also conceivably be a tumbler of something a bit sharper...

England 18-0 (4 overs) Two no-balls in succession from Gillespie....Bell clobbers the first free-hit for six, but misses the second...not very clever from the tubby little Kiwi trundler. 

England 5-0 (2 overs) - Apparently, the England side were playing some touch-rugby again during the warm-up this morning. They haven't learnt their lesson from a couple of days ago when Bell injured his knee playing rugby in training on Tuesday...this morning, Tim Ambrose, who injured his thumb in throwing the ball in Ryan Sidebottom's face...thankfully, both were passed fit to play. Why they persist in playing rugby before a game, God only don't see Jonny Wilkinson and co playing a game of Twenty20 before a Test against the Kiwis, do you?

10.45 - Okay, Bell and Wright are out, so are the Kiwis, and we're underway! No messing about here. Mills starts with a no-ball. A free-hit immediately for England, and the chance for England to get underway with a flyer...just a single, but England are up and running...

10.38 - Meanwhile, New Zealand skipper Danny Vettori has won the toss and chosen to bowl...he fancies a chase on what looks to be another fine batting wicket at The Oval. The old ground is filling up nicely already; what a pleasant way to spend a Wednesday morning, eh folks? 

10.35 - The team news for England is that opener Ian Bell has been passed fit...whether that proves to be good news or bad news, only time will tell. Oh, and Ryan Sidebottom has come in for Chris Tremlett; seems a little harsh to me. But what do I know?

10.26 - Hi everybody! Welcome to our coverage of this important one-day international between England and New Zealand at the Oval. It's a lovely day in south London - LET'S GET IT ON!

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