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Cook v Clarke: Which captain uses the DRS more successfully?

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A crestfallen Michael Clarke admitted after Australia's first Ashes Test defeat at Trent Bridge that he had "not done very well" with his use of DRS referrals.

Indeed, England won the match with a successful review that saw James Anderson claim the vital final wicket courtesy of a very faint edge from Brad Haddin.

Clarke said he would have to get better at using the decision review system after admitting his failure to appeal at the right times had contributed to their agonisingly close defeat.

The Australia skipper refused to criticise the use of technology, which some claim has changed the nature of the game, and instead took responsibility for his use of the system, which saw his side without a review when Stuart Broad infamously did not walk in the second innings.

"I'm not going to go there," he said. "At the end of the day this is what we've got for this series. I'm going to concentrate on getting my referrals better."

"That is the way the system is," Clarke added. "If I had used my reviews better then I have an opportunity to use it when there is a howler like that. We've still got two umpires on the field. They are the most important people out on the ground and they make their decisions.

"I have been brought up to live with the decision of those guys. The advantage you have now, especially as a batsman, is that if you think you didn't hit the ball, you have the chance to refer it.

"Sometimes you find out you did hit it, like in my case, other times you find out you were right. That's how the game is and you learn to live with it."

Clarke also praised his opposite number Alastair Cook's use of the system. But who is better at using the DRS out of the two skippers?

Cook has not led England for as long as Clarke has been the captain of Australia, but their records make the answer fairly clear cut.

Cook succeeds with 60 per cent of his DRS referrals while Clarke enjoys only a 28 per cent success rate.

Alastair Cook's success with the DRS (stats updated after first Test)

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Michael Clarke's success with the DRS (stats updated after first Test)

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All statistics provided by Opta

Cook: 60 per cent success

Clarke: 28 per cent success


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