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Geoff Boycott and Katy Perry: together at last!

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Boycs and Perry (Twitter: @tmsproducer)

Former England Test cricketer turned commentator Geoff Boycott is one of the most infamously irascible people working in the sports media.

His trademark style - whether working for the BBC's Test Match Special, Channel 5's highlights show or Sky Sports live coverage - is to grumble endlessly about any batsmen deemed guilty of "giving away his wicket cheaply", usually delivered in tandem with an anecdote about the day in 1974 when he batted for six and a half hours without scoring a single run.

So it's something of a surprise to hear that he even knows who Katy Perry is. And to find out that not only is he aware of her existence, but is also a big fan? Well. Goodness me.

But if you think that's strange, it's got nothing on this: the US pop superstar, West Ham fan and former Mrs Russell Brand apparently reciprocates the 73-year-old's feelings, sending a message to Geoff via a Radio 1 DJ last year that, "I just think you're beautiful and your style is stunning."


As if that revelation in itself weren't enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, the two finally met face to face this week - and Boycott's BBC producer Adam Mountford was on hand to take the snapshot on this page and share it with the world via Twitter.

Boycs first admitted to his crush three years ago during the BBC cricket commentary, saying, "I like that Katy Perry - she's a good singer. Firework - that was a good record, that. She's nice, her."

When challenged whether it was her singing or her other very obvious assets which first attracted him, he was adamant: "I like her singing as well. She's good.

"She's tops for me. She just has something about her voice, her voice is good, it's clear, it's strong."

His admission ended on a sad note: "I don't think I'll ever meet her," the dogged Yorkshire opener added. "She's American."

It was a curious suggestion - even Boycott isn't old enough to pre-date the concept of trans-Atlantic voyages - and thanks to the marvel of the jet engine, the two were finally united.

We're yet to hear if Geoff has helped Katy out with the request she made in the rest of her message to the cricket commentator last year, calling him out on air to act as her tour guide: "When I'm next in the UK you'll have to show me around the Yorkshire countryside."

Let's hope Mountford is on hand with his cameraphone to record that if it ever happens - somehow we feel the world would never look the same once you've seen a picture of a welly-clad Geoff Boycott helping Katy Perry over a style in the Yorkshire Dales.

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