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SFW! Gloriously picture-free explanation of why Botham is trending on Twitter

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Ian Botham

Sir Ian Botham's column normally appears in the Daily Mail. But on Monday morning, it went viral across the internet.

Yes, that's right: people across the world checked Twitter on Monday morning as they ate their breakfast, to be greeted by the rather disturbing close-up of a gentleman's manhood - along with the caption "What are you thinking... XX".

Botham maintains his account was hacked and immediately deleted the photo. Well, not quite immediately enough - as the image had been broadcast to the former England all-rounder's 310,000 followers, at least one of whom ignored the blood pouring out of their eyes long enough to press the 'Print Screen' button.

We're not going to point anyone who hasn't seen it towards the VERY graphic image - and good grief, if you haven't then we'd implore you not to search for it on the web. Some things, once seen, can never be unseen.

The reaction on Twitter was, however, both SFW and predictably hilarious.

Needless to say the great man tried to pass it off as the work of a hacker, suggesting that he'd quickly had to change his password:

That idea quickly got short shrift, of course.

This was beyond doubt the greatest debunking:

Some suggested that there might be a way for Beefy to prove his innocence. But at what cost?

Predictably, however, the breakfast-time horror...

...quickly turned to laughs:

Will Botham's member go down in cricket history as one of the sport's best ever knob gags? Probably not.

Maybe not as funny, but many are suggesting that this one will go down in history:

Of all the Tweets, though, this was Cow Corner's absolute favourite. Just to prove that some things are always more embarrassing than an accidental nudie picture:

UPDATE: As of 11am, Botham was sticking to his guns and thanking the 'hacker' for the boost to his Twitter following.

Glad to see Botham was starting to see the funny side as well. As did another ex-England captain Michael Vaughan, who shared this picture on Instagram with the caption 'Hacker has got me as well....'

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Michael Vaughan on Instagram (

That pic won't mean much to those who've managed to avoid / resisted the temptation to search for the original photo. To anyone else, it's comedy genius.

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