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Man wins £50,000 in cricket bowling challenge

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Cricket fan Chris Newell scooped a £50,000 jackpot after a cricketing feat at Trent Bridge.

To win the prize, the 50-year-old had to bowl from the full length and hit the stumps.

Then, one of the three stumps was removed and he had to hit it again.

Finally, just one stump remained and he had to strike it once more.

And all of the challenge, organised by Stowford Press, had to be done during the interval of an England one-day international in front of 16,000 cricket fans.

"I had a practice with my children in the garden on Tuesday and I couldn’t hit a barn door," admitted Chris to the Hereford Times. "I haven’t played cricket for 20 years.

"There were five of us who had to hit three stumps and I was only person remaining after the first ball – because everyone else missed.

"I clipped the off stump with my first ball and then they removed a stump.

"I hit with the next ball so they removed another stump and I was down the last one.

"Mark Chapman geed up the crowd, who were standing up and cheering me on at this point and I wanted to do it for them.

"It was more of a fluke than any piece of skill but it was such a wonderful feeling."

Fluke or not, Newell is now £50k better off, and as Michael Vaughan mockingly suggested on Twitter, a candidate to be 'fast-tracked into the Australia Ashes squad'.

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