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Ruthless former pro belts schoolboys bowling attack for triple-century

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It makes you think of every over-competitive adult that has stood on the sidelines barking orders at their children or relentlessly berating youngsters. Only this man hammered a team of kids himself.

Former first-class cricketer Craig Findlay bludgeoned 307 runs off 115 balls as he left St John's College's teenage bowling attack begging for him to retire.

The result, unsurprisingly, was a thoroughly dejected and demoralised group of young cricketers who had lost their love of the game almost entirely.

The ex-New Zealand first-class player and Hawke's Bay Cricket Association chief-executive belted the ball to all parts to humiliate the young bowlers.

Findlay, whose innings for Complete Flooring Napier Technical Old Boys included an extraordinary 27 sixes, has been promptly slammed by parents and players alike.

He was utterly unrepentant afterwards, claiming that he was "nurturing" the young boys.

"It was coming off alright. I was dropped early though by some poor young fellow when I was on about 40," Findlay said.

"My favourite six was probably one that sailed over the sightscreen."

Asked if he would approach the game the same way if he was playing against his own 10-year-old son, Findlay said he most certainly would.

"I tell you I also won't be cutting him any slack," Findlay said.

"I can't wait for him to play against them (experienced adults)... to compete against the best."

St John's 16-year-old captain James McNatty said he personally pleaded with Findlay to retire and give them a break, but the 42-year-old refused.

"After another seven overs I asked him again but he just walked away and carried on batting," said McNatty, who then approached opposing skipper Mike Pawson about the situation.

"Mike said there were only a few more overs to go and to keep our chins up," McNatty said.

"There was nothing I could do so I used everyone to have a go," added McNatty, whose team-mates are mostly 15- and 16-year-olds.

"We were just glad to get off the field."

Megan Singleton, a concerned onlooker, told Hawkes Bay Today: "Can't believe the cricket CEO retired on 300. Some of those kids were 15 and completely demoralised. What a guy!

"That CEO should be nurturing these players not trying to show off and have his score on back page."

McNatty's mother, Michele, speaking on behalf of the players' parents, said Findlay was wanting to "teach the schoolboys a lesson" because they were not good enough.

"I'm just so disappointed in the way they used our boys to prove a point. How would Finns (Findlay) feel if some day someone like him bullies his young boy on the park as a batsman or bowler?"

Was Findlay right to try his best and 'nurture' the players by 'teaching them a lesson', or should he be ashamed of his overly aggressive and competitive approach? Post your views below...

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