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Washout spares whitewash

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18:56 - MATCH ABANDONED! BOO! HISS! Particularly annoying for the English minority of Proteas ghetto Southfields, as they will not be able to jibe their South African chums about a series whitewash. Oh well, 4-0 it is, a quite superb ODI introduction for new captain KP. Thanks for joining us though, shame mother nature decided not to play ball today.

18:39 - Rain update... Having missed the 17:45 deadline, they have to decide whether to play by 19:00 at the latest, and take to the field no later than 19:55. If not, the match is a wash-out and England fail to get the 5-0. Boo!

17.28 - Play was to restart at 17.45 - but the covers are coming back on again. This might end up being a fruitless excercise, folks. 

It's stopped raining, but so much rain fell before the groundstaff could get the covers on that there is going to be a delay in restarting. 

South Africa 6-1 (3 overs): RAIN AGAIN! AND LOTS OF IT! The players have scuttled off and the covers are on.  

South Africa 3-1 (1.3 overs): WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO PRIOR? HE'S BECOME THE NEW ALAN KNOTT! The England keeper takes a super low catch to his right, diving in front of first slip to get rid of Gibbs, who had edged a good length ball from Broad! England up and running! 

South Africa 3-0 (1 over): Anderson bowls the first over; no swing at all. Gibbs and Amla are the two South Africa batsmen. The outfield still seems a bit damp, which might affect the ball. England probably chose to bat second expecting showers later, which will mean a shorter, sharper run-chase. 

South Africa 0-0 (0 overs): Off we go! 

14.20 - Shaun Pollock is waffling away about something in the Sky box. He looks half-asleep. Eyes drooping, head lolling about on his shoulders. Massive ears, too. And his face is very red. 

14.05 - England have won the toss and chosen to bowl. Kevin Pietersen seemed a little confused at first, but bowl England will. Jacques Kallis rather wees on KP's chips by announcing he would have batted anyway. 

14.00 - Great news, cricket fans! Play will start at 4.30pm, in a match reduced to 43 overs-per-side - as long as there is no more rain. England are unchanged. I predicted that. How wise I am. 

15.15 - Has it brightened up? It has. The umpires are coming out for a little look-see. Smiles on faces, hand in pockets. Squelching shoes, sceptical smiles. 

15.00 - Raining fairly hard now. Some hardy souls are huddled under umbrellas. They should get inside. Go to a pub or nearby coffee shop. Have a latte. Have a chat about things. 

14.40 - There was due to be an inspection at 14.45 - but it has started raining again and the covers have come back on. 

14.20 - There will be an inspection by the umpires at 14.45, we're told. I'll keep you up to date. 

14.05 - The news is that we will definitely have a delayed start here; no time has been put on it, but the fact that there are puddles on the outfield should give you an indication of things... 

13.50 - The sad news is that the weather isn't great in Cardiff; there have been showers around for the last couple of days, including this morning, and there is more rain predicted for this afternoon. Boooooo!  

13.40 - No reason for England to change their side as they hunt a historic 5-0 series whitewash; barring late broken-neck-while-playing-touch-rugby-in-the-warm-up mis-haps, it should be the same XI that won the slog-fest in the rain at the weekend. 

13.30 - Hi there, welcome to our coverage of the fifth one-day international between England and South Africa; it's the finale of the NatWest Series, at Cardiff, a day-nighter, and it should be a cracker!

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