Desmond Kane

  • McBride slurs expose dark side of Twitter

    Twitter Republic is blighted by bile

    Freedom of speech and expression, freedom to worship God in his own way everywhere in the world, freedom from want and freedom from fear. Back in the 1940s, the American president Franklin Roosevelt's four essential freedoms probably did not envisage the mentally scattered shenanigans brought to life by Twitter.

    Freedom of expression does not endorse the unjustifiable abuse of others in the name of exercising freedom of speech, but no laws govern what is out there in cyberspace. Twitter Republic does not have a constitution, nor does it seem to be governed by any level of common decency.


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  • Allen outburst invokes memories of Hurricane

    Is the Pistol the new Hurricane?After the Hurricane, came the Pistol. After the calm, came a peculiar snooker storm. He may have galloped to the Haikou World Open in China with a swashbuckling 10-1 stuffing of Stephen Lee on Sunday, but Mark Allen garnered few admirers among the game's rulers for denouncing the sultry and apparently stinking environs of Hainan Island in the South China Sea, a locale not unaccustomed to gathering clouds.

    Allen touched down in China before taking to Twitter to lament the general smelliness of the place. He described its inhabitants as "ignorant". At such thought-provoking times, it is easy to

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  • Innocent until proven guilty

    Supporters make their feelings known

    "I think if you are a wealthy Scot you should live in Scotland and pay tax... I pay a lot of tax. I'm happy to pay. I don't mind sharing that way."
    - David Murray, April 2001

    It is difficult to believe that the David Murray who could be found spouting the above rhetoric about the importance of paying taxes is the same Sir David Murray who is being cast as the mother of all tax dodgers some 11 years later. In witnessing the scenes in and around Ibrox Stadium on Saturday, one could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that Murray had made off in an armoured van earlier in the day with a

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  • Would Scotland miss Rangers?

    Rangers 'fans' at the 2008 UEFA Cup final in Manchester

    Of all the quotes that can be regurgitated relating to the darker side of Rangers and a helping of the imbeciles that have clamped themselves to the Glasgow club seemingly since time began, Ian Archer's musings remain perhaps the most pertinent. It was penned over 30 years ago. "This has to be said about Rangers, as a Scottish football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist," wrote Archer, who latterly worked on the now departed television programme Scotsport, in a Glasgow newspaper.

    What was

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  • A crisis but at least Rangers will avoid this..

    Celtic attract adverse headlines in troubled times

    So the Whyte knight may instead be Walter Mitty, but who do you believe amid this latest outbreak of muscular mudslinging? Who is the honest man in this hoary old tale?

    Craig Whyte, a somewhat embattled businessman-turned-Rangers owner who has been busy defending his honour, reputation and intentions for the Glasgow club over these past few rabid days?

    Or Scotland's "best for news and sport", the Daily Record newspaper, an organ that prides itself on its unwavering truthfulness, accuracy and impartiality?

    All hell has broken loose since the Scottish tabloid unearthed the rather unflattering

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  • Jimmy WhiteThe last time Jimmy 'The Whirlwind' White appeared in a meaningful final on a Sunday night, traditionally the evening when snooker tournaments conclude, he wound up finishing third on ITV's gloriously garish I'm a Celebrity..Get Me Out of Here!

    For a lifetime apparently defined by second place, at least it was something different.

    Celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo and minor TV personality Kim Woodburn were voted ahead of the ongoing snooker player by viewers in the Aussie 'Jungle' a couple of years back. It made a change from Stephen Hendry or Steve Davis doing the dirty on him. It may sound a tad

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  • Steve Davis interview: ‘World final may finish in a day’

    Ronnie O'Sullivan and Steve DavisHaving survived its latest tidal wave of tungsten over the festive period - along with copious amounts of glorious, boozed up characters dressed in various forms of outrageous garb - the Alexandra Palace in North London seems ripe for a spot of shameless ballyhoo every now and again.

    The Ally Pally has hosted the PDC World Championship darts tournament since 2008 with the latest edition seeing Adrian 'Jackpot' Lewis proclaimed champion amid a crowd who seemed to prefer lager tops to their double tops. It all seemed to be going off as the 'disgraced' former England rugby union captain Mike

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  • Who is worth buying in Scotland?

    Every player has his price, but it tends to be an inflated one in the January transfer window. Despite this law of nature, it is unlikely to stop admiring glances being cast towards the best players performing in Scotland. These are some of the men who will command attention from elsewhere - particularly from interested parties in the Premier League and the Championship - over the next few weeks. Somewhat predictably, with Celtic and Rangers already over 15 points ahead of third-placed Motherwell at the summit of the Scottish Premier League entering the New Year, most of the prized assets can

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  • McCoist remains a man for the big occasion

    Ally McCoist celebrates scoring against Celtic

    He has traded a devil-may-care attitude and a certain trademark flamboyance for a sterner outlook and the sober suits of management, but there remains a touch of the maverick about the venerable Ally McCoist as he approaches his half century firmly ensconced in his dream job.

    When Celtic's bid for a fourth straight Scottish Premier League flag perished in a 0-0 draw with Hibernian at Easter Road in 2009, I remember being perched in a television studio somewhere in down-town Dubai gulping down the action with the former-players-turned pundits Andy Townsend and Derek Whyte, and towering

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  • 12,700 reasons to drop IRA chants

    Celtic's 'Green Brigade' abroadTrying to rouse myself for the day ahead this morning by catching a few snippets of news on the radio, one was immediately drawn to the tones of the vocally rampant Ray Stubbs, a figure who sadly no longer fronts the BBC's glorious coverage of the slightly eccentric BDO World Darts Championship when woozy early January comes into view.

    It may have been before 8am, but Stubbs was brimming full of condemnation of Wales' assistant coach Raymond Verheijen, a forthright Dutchman who has let it be known publicly he is eager to succeed Gary Speed as national manager only a fortnight or so after Speed

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