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Forget football, Suarez is lucky to avoid a Brazilian jail cell

Desmond Kane

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Time to get those goodbyes out of the way. Farewell to Italy from these World Cup finals, and a big cheerio to Luis Suarez. Good riddance. You are a disgrace to your country, yourself and to the sport that has made you a multi-millionaire. You are a player who takes the money, who profits handsomely from the game, but has no sense of responsibility.

Uruguay reached the last 16 via second spot in Group D with a bad-natured 1-0 win over a 10-man Italy in Natal, but the Liverpool forward Suarez will not be participating in these finals after this match. Not after sinking his teeth into Italy. Literally.

His bite on the poor, unsuspecting Italian chap Giorgio Chiellini on 78 minutes ended his participation at this tournament just three minutes before Diego Godin rose to head Uruguay substitute Gaston Ramirez's corner beyond Gianluigi Buffon for a contentious winner.

Once FIFA studies the footage of his ongoing weird and bizarre appetite for attempting to bite opposing players, there will be only one course of action to be taken. And the course on the menu is not trying to take chunks out of fellow human beings.

With teeth that resemble the Queen singer Freddie Mercury, this very public fetish for biting other blokes simply cannot be allowed to go on. Not when he is supposed to be setting some kind of example to kids worldwide in this sport.

Of course, quite infamously, it is the third time he has driven his fangs into a player under pressure.

He was banned for 10 matches last year for biting the Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. He was banned for seven matches in 2010 by the Dutch FA and fined by Ajax after biting PSV midfielder Otman Bakkal during an Eredivisie match.

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He has brought shame on his club and country. He is a man who can't be trusted. And he is mentally not quite there.

It is utterly baffling. Only four weeks ago he was undergoing knee surgery before making an astonishing recovery in scoring the two goals in a 2-1 win over England last week that ended Roy Hodgson's side's hopes.

He might need some dental work after appearing to damage his teeth in biting the shoulder of the Italian vice-captain, who quite rightly described him as a "sneak" for trying to mask what he had done by feigning injury. The referee Marco Rodriquez of Mexico missed it, quite understandably as it looked like a headbutt, but FIFA will not. Should Suarez be banned from football for life?

A two-year worldwide ban has been mentioned. There is a case to be made. This goes beyond football. He is a danger to other people.

This is simply too big an issue to be swept under the carpet. Can you imagine if a Uruguay fan tried to bite an Italy fan at the ground?

They would be picked up by the rozzers, stuck in the local prison for a few months for assault and then deported at some point in the future.

What makes this any more acceptable because it is done on a football park by players when we are expecting fans to be on their best behaviour?

Suarez is lucky to avoid a stint in a Brazilian cell. Think of the disease and germs a bite can carry?

His criticism of the British media after he scored two goals to down England in midweek looks increasingly wretched, and left a sour note after such an impressive return. As it did at the time.

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Almost as ill-advised as the FIFA president Sepp Blatter trying to make out the UK media were racist for asking appropriate questions and seeking answers to the Qatar 2022 World Cup finals farce.

Suarez said of his goals against England: "I dreamt this. I’m enjoying this moment, because of all I suffered, the criticism I received. So, there you go. This is a very good time for me. I want to see what they think now."

British journalists did not have it in for him. There was only a justifiable reaction to his appalling behaviour that continues to resurface at the most inopportune moments.

This is a man who racially abused the Manchester United player Patrice Evra during a match, but, for some reason, his conduct is explained away by coaches such as the Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers because he scores a lot of goals.

He has let Rodgers down badly, and a terrific club in Liverpool. He has forgotten that he is a representative of Liverpool. Such a footballer, arguably the third greatest forward in the world, is never off duty.

Suarez's frustration reminds you of the time Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield during a world heavyweight boxing match in 1997 when he was getting struggling to cope. Tyson also suffered from a wonky mental compass between his ears.

It added injury to insult for Chiellini and Italy - who lost Claudio Marchisio around the hour-mark for a horrid tackle on Egidio Arévalo Ríos - because Suarez should have been sent off before Godin struck with his header.

There must be some doubt whether Uruguay would have discovered the winner if Suarez had gone. For a start, he would have not been anywhere near the box jostling for the Ramirez delivery.

This is not solely an issue for FIFA to study, but also Liverpool. He should not be allowed anywhere near a football pitch until he seeks out some mental help to drive out whatever demons that loom large within him.

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So much for the England and Liverpool sports psychiatrist Steve Peters. His book is about ridding you of your inner chimp. It says nothing about excavating your inner cannibal.

31 goals in 33 Premier League matches last season tells you enough about his ability, but the whole package comes at a price. And it is a heavy price costing considerably more than the £80 million he is valued at.

Barcelona and Real Madrid apparently want him because he scores goals. And that is the depressing thing about football. He will be defended by the sycophants if he plays for your team. This is no anti-Liverpool feeling. Just a mood to outlaw such appalling incidents from the world game.

It must be one of the most horrible things to experience. Another human being sinking their teeth into you is just dreadful. Like a slap is a lot less reprehensible than what a spit represents.

FIFA will take retrospective action. Trial by television can deliver only one verdict. It is as certain as Suarez is to bite an opponent during a match. He is finished at these finals. And he deserves to be cut from what has been an otherwise wonderful tournament so far.

Chiellini showed remarkable restraint. He had every right to elbow Suarez's teeth out of his head for his behaviour. Italy could not be blamed if they went searching for the local cops to see what can be done about this lamentable episode.

Suarez has disappeared into the abyss with his latest episode. If he is banned from all football for life, it would not be too severe a punishment. "Three bites, and you are out," suggested a disgusted former England striker Alan Shearer.

Who needs decorum and sportsmanship these days? Suarez's shenanigans in Natal goes beyond football. A juncture in sport where all is lost.

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