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So he’s actually a good guy? Mourinho’s heartwarming message to son in programme

Early Doors

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Jose Mourinho is not all mind-games and overly-confident swagger; he's got a warmer side that rarely comes out in public.

Premier League fans may not have seen much of the 'Happy One' promised to them by the man himself upon his return to Chelsea this season, but he does seem to have his priorities in a good place.

In his final matchday programme notes of the season, Mourinho included a very special message to his son that not only shows how much he loves and appreciates his family, but how he thinks of the west London club in equally affectionate terms.

Ahead of facing Norwich, Mourinho wrote:

"I know this space is to communicate with you fans, but one of you is my son.

"I want to tell him thanks for being with me every second of every match, a few metres behind me, jumping for every goal; hurt by every difficult moment.

"Thank you, kid, for being my kid.

"Every time I look at you, I see you, but I also see your sister and your mum, both at home but also playing with us, both waiting for us to go home and to be what we are - an amazing family... like the blue family, supporting each other."

It's a really lovely message and it just might be enough to melt the hearts of any fans angry about the club being on the verge of a trophyless season.

Does this make Mourinho a nice man? Well, who is to judge such things. He may often play the pantomime villain in the media and with fellow managers and officials, but there is more to life than the beautiful game.

But don't go thinking that a new Mourinho has suddenly emerged from nowhere; it won't be long until he's likely making sweeping, contrary statements and riling many in the game.

After all, that's why so many people admire and appreciate the complicated manager, isn't it?

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