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Alan Hansen lands new job in football punditry

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Alan Hansen had been the Godfather of British football pundits for over 20 years, but it was decided he would leave the BBC at the end of last season. And so it was with a touch of sadness that we listened to his sage words at the World Cup final, which was supposedly the 59-year-old's last outing.

But just as we thought we'd seen the last of him on our screens, it seems he's all set to take up a new job at BT Sport.

The Daily Mail's sports media columnist Charles Sale - normally an infallibly reliable source - reports that BT Sport will give Hansen "guest pundit appearances" talking about Liverpool's Champions League matches next season.

Hansen had hinted in his Daily Telegraph column that a new job might be in the offing - "the viewing public have not got rid of me forever" he wrote - and it seems that BT will be his new, occasional home.

Hansen also explained his decision to quit Match of the Day - though of course whether he left or was forced out of his £1.5-million-a-year, one-day-a-week job is a matter of some conjecture - and blamed social media and the new pundits coming through.

"Rio Ferdinand, and Twitter, are two of the factors which prove to me that the time is right to move on after more than two decades," he wrote.

"Rio and I have both played the game at the back at the top level for the biggest clubs and we see and say many of the same things, but Rio brings a freshness to it and ensures that what he says sounds different to what I say, even if we are saying the same thing."

Hansen also apologised publicly to Theo Walcott for having written him off as not having a "football brain" in comments made during 2010.:

"I am pleased to say that Theo has proved me wrong one million per cent," Hansen wrote.

"Theo is an intelligent boy, very bright, with genuine ability and he has given the best possible response to my remarks by pretty much showing two fingers to what I said."

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