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Amazing, impassioned letter defending Hull from TV bosses’ sterotyping

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A Hull fan has written an amazing, impassioned letter to TV chiefs to complain about the BT Sport's coverage of the city in its FA Cup broadcasts - and imploring ITV not to do the same ahead of the final.

Philip Beasley shared the letter via Twitter before sending it to ITV, sparking messages of support from around the world for his staunch defence of his home town.

Beasley's letter grumbles about the depiction of city in the build-up to the FA Cup semi-final in which Hell - sorry, Hull - beat Sheffield United 5-3 in one of the best matches of the season.

On the one hand, he admits that he enjoyed the look at the City's hard-working background.

But on the other it's clear that he feels that the coverage was marred by the "stereotyped and assumed opinions" behind the images of "industrial decline, social deprivation and a visual wasteland", shown without any attempt to show the other side of the coin.

In a sense you can understand why BT Sport showed the town as it did: Hull was named the number one worst place in the Britain in the iconic 2003 bestseller 'Crap Towns', being described by one nomination as, "a sad story of unemployment, teenage preganancy, heroin addiction, crime, violence, and rampant self-neglect," and another nominator suggesting that, come Judgement Day, the city could be, "leased out indefinitely to Satan to provide housing for the Damned."

Things have changed since then, however: huge improvements have been made around the city, so much so that it has been voted 2017 City of Culture. Even Crap Towns author Sam Jordison has changed his mind about the place: "Ten years ago people couldn’t wait to get away from Hull. Now they’ll be queuing up to visit. I’ll be with them - if I’m allowed in."

Having been to Hull once a few years ago - and having cycled over the Humber Bridge to get there - Early Doors can indeed confirm that it did indeed seem a nice place.

So Philip's complaint seems well-justified. We wait with bated breath to see if ITV's coverage follows BT Sport's lead in depicting Hull as a grim, industrial wasteland, or updates its view to something more appropriate, when the final is played on May 17th.

Here is Philip's letter in full, followed by some photos of Hull from Flickr to let you see for yourself what all the fuss is about:


Views of Kingston-upon-Hull from Flickr users

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