Early Doors

Amazing sportsmanship follows hilarious keeper gaffe

Early Doors

Everyone enjoys watching a funny footballing gaffe, particularly if the culprit is a hapless goalkeeper.

This incident in Italy has that and much, much more.

Not only did the SS Dro Calcio goalkeeper somehow contrive to concede an hilarious own goal following the ball being returned for a foul, but there was another piece of sportsmanship.

Following the absurd gaffe, the ASD Fersina Perginese players allowed an opponent to run the ball all the way through their half and tap the ball in to cancel out the blunder.

We can't help thinking that the team which let their opponents level things up would have been well within their rights not to bother.

Still, sportsmanship ensured that both the injury and the gaffe were effectively null and void, leaving all the drama to be frankly irrelevant.

Many goalkeepers who have previously been embarrassed in a similar fashion will have wished that the opponents were similarly charitable and understanding.

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