Early Doors

Juventus midfielder Andrea Pirlo performs a superb Rab C Nesbitt impersonation

Early Doors

Andrea Pirlo obviously departed Glasgow with more than just a win over Scottish champions Celtic in the Champions League last 16 just over a year ago.

He seems to have picked up tips from one of the Scottish city's most famous sons Rab C Nesbitt in how to enjoy your beer.

The normally suave Juventus and Italy playmaker threw his style out of the window during Juve's celebrations of a third straight Serie A title last weekend.

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We wondered if Pirlo's antics during the open-top bus parade were comparable to Freddie Flintoff's infamous drunken rampage (see him slurring his words below) during England's celebrations around London after their Ashes success in 2005.

But we have decided there is more a touch of Rab about Pirlo when you check him out.

Swaying from side to side with his beard making him looking like a tramp and his beer being hurled from the bus, Pirlo could easily be mistaken for a drinking partner of Rab's.

Wonder if he'll be doing his best Rab impersonation again after the World Cup final. We certainly hope so. Andrea, we salute your party spirit.

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