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Andy Gray’s BT future rocked by release of shocking new ‘sexist’ Sky Sports video

Early Doors

Oh dear, this could well be the final straw for football pundit and 'casual sexist' Andy Gray.

Just days after he returned to British TV screens as an expert analyst and commentator with BT Sport, his prospects have been dashed in a big way by the release of a new Sky video.

The new footage, posted on the Football Ramble website and believed to be genuine, shows Gray and sidekick presenter Richard Keys singing "Get your tits out for the lads!" to touchline reporter Clare Tomlinson and telling her to "Get off the pitch!".

Understood to have been recorded prior to the trio going on air, Keys and Gray are first seen joking with Tomlinson and telling her to "get off the pitch" before bursting into song, shouting "get your tits out for the lads" with the camera cutting back to them in the studio.

BT Sport were widely condemned for bringing Gray back to British TV screens as he was hired last weekend for Stevenage's FA Cup tie against Everton, and this could effectively extinguish his prospects of making a more permanent return, as had been forecast.

It was reported by the Daily Mail that BT Sport claimed an '85% approval' of Gray's appearance last week on social media but, even if that was true, this could well be the end of the road for the expert.

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This latest leaked footage could hugely damage BT Sport's reputation at a very fragile time given their push for women's sport to receive more prominence within British sports broadcasting.

A BT Sport spokeswoman said on Thursday night: "Andy Gray made a guest appearance last weekend and we were happy with his commentary." She refused to comment on whether the broadcaster would employ him again.

One Sky source said: "We recognised this as an issue three years ago and we dealt with it."

Gray has been working alongside his former Sky colleague Richard Keys at BeInSport in Qatar after he was fired by Sky in 2011.

After a spell at TalkSport, the pair were employed by Al-Jazeera owned BeInSport in Doha to front their live Premier League coverage.

Gray has said of previous leaked footage: "This was a private bit of banter released to social media and for some reason the press etc tore us apart."

The pair have always maintained that there was an agenda to force them out of Sky and British broadcasting in general, with Keys saying that they were "bugged" and that "dark forces were at work".

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