Early Doors

Apoplectic coach the crazy cherry on top of the amazing Madrid derby

Early Doors

Sunday afternoon's Madrid derby had it all: a handful of goals turning the scoreline back and forth, boundless energy and drama on the field, Ronaldo digging his team out of a hole and even a Gareth Bale backheel as Carlo Ancelotti's men clung to their lead in the Spanish title race thanks to a 2-2 draw.

But for all the brilliant football on display, the number one highlight that people were talking about afterwards was the simultaneously magnificent, hilarious and terrifying sight of one of Atletico's coaching staff losing his rag with the referee.

The coach in question was German Burgos, a former Argentine international goalkeeper who played alongside Atletico boss Diego Simeone at the 2002 World Cup.

Outraged by a decision made by the ref, he ran up to the match official and Unleashed Hell, screaming at the top of his voice as he "got in the grill" of Carlos Delgado Ferreiro.

At one point the two men were so close that you'd think they were trying to do an Eskimo Kiss. Or perhaps we should say a "Pardew".

It took several men to restrain the 44-year-old Burgos - who stands 6'2", and whose physique is of the type more commonly seen in WWE than La Liga. He was sent to the stands for his explosion.

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German Burgos argues with referee Carlos Delgado Ferreiro

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