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Football violence makes Lionel Messi cry

Early Doors

Violent fans are hardly unique to Argentina, but the frequency and lethal severity of the incidents there make the situation worse than most.

As part of a campaign against this behaviour, the Leo Messi Foundation has released a video of the Argentina captain crying intercut with clips of violence in stadiums.

The video concludes with the message "no one wins — let's make together a world without violence."

If the image of tears running down the normally smiling face of Lionel Messi doesn't make people change their ways, then nothing will.

As a side note: I would be shocked if no one has switched out the violent imagery with clips of Cristiano Ronaldo scoring goals and uploaded it to YouTube yet.

The change of season from summer to autumn appears a particularly saddening time of year for the deadly duo with a morose Ronaldo telling the world in September last year that he was sad at Real Madrid.

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